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Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance

CarePacks - Makes it easier to choose healthier!

CarePacks is the perfect choice in terms of choosing a healthier lifestyle when you won´t renounce the good things in life, like snacking. CarePacks;

Minimi 700060 NOK

  • tavoite700060 NOK
  • koossa314215 NOK
  • päättyy22.2.2017

Pure Natura- Íslensk fæðubót unnin úr raunverulegum matvælum o

Pure Natura ætlar að framleiða hágæða hráfæðis fæðubótarefni úr íslenskum matvælum í anda "wholefood supplements" og "glandular supplements" hugmynda

Minimi 12500 EUR

  • tavoite12500 EUR
  • koossa2594 EUR
  • päättyy11.2.2017

Help us to take water and energy Nicole!

The Nicole neighbourhood has a major poverty problem. We need to start helping with the basics: water and energy!

Minimi 100000 NOK

  • tavoite100000 NOK
  • koossa4140 NOK
  • päättyy24.1.2017

3D SuperStereo Pillow

Support the Danish research and Bornholm develop, at its best! Why just listen t…

Minimi 100000 DKK

  • tavoite100000 DKK
  • koossa0 DKK
  • päättyy15.3.2017


Stuttmynd um 6 ára strák. Engin orð geta lýst þeirri einsemd né eftirsjá sem einkennir líf Kára eftir afdrífarík mistök. Þessi einstaka og átakanlega

Minimi 7500 EUR

  • tavoite7500 EUR
  • koossa426 EUR
  • päättyy16.2.2017


In Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, on the Syrian border, hundreds of thousands of refugees live in tents. Help us keep the refugees warm this winter!

Minimi 25000 NOK

  • tavoite25000 NOK
  • koossa19495 NOK
  • päättyy28.1.2017


A video that brings american people into reflection about their vision, dreams a…

Minimi 25000 DKK

  • tavoite25000 DKK
  • koossa1000 DKK
  • päättyy16.3.2017

Teiknarinn og Málarinn Tryggvi Magnússon

Tryggvi er einn af þeim listamönnum sem hefur gleymst í tímana rás. Hann átti stóran þátt í því að gera sjálfstæðisbaráttu Íslendinga myndræna. Helsti

Minimi 18000 EUR

  • tavoite18000 EUR
  • koossa1 EUR
  • päättyy26.2.2017

UTMB Solidarity bib

Solidarity raise bib Ultra-Trail-De-Mont-Blanc OCC 2017. You donate, I run, Congolese get water!

Minimi 18000 NOK

  • tavoite18000 NOK
  • koossa0 NOK
  • päättyy30.4.2017

Arlette - a story we must never forget

During The Second World War six million Jews were exterminated during Holocaust.…

Minimi 65000 DKK

  • tavoite65000 DKK
  • koossa4600 DKK
  • päättyy1.3.2017

Proud to be a Veteran

We are a bunch of veterans of service under UN and NATO flag trying to activate several of us who have a diagnosis of PTSD from service.

Minimi 50000 NOK

  • tavoite50000 NOK
  • koossa900 NOK
  • päättyy18.2.2017

Fundraising of Miss GreenDream new CD

Miss GreenDream has just recorded a new CD, but needs 10.000 Dkr (1500 Euro /Dol…

Minimi 10000 DKK

  • tavoite10000 DKK
  • koossa1761 DKK
  • päättyy2.2.2017 w/father Christoforos - Refuge

Since the Fall of 2015 Filoxenos w/Fr. Christoforos has been responsible for coordinating and distributing a good part of the help on NE Lesvos.

Minimi 50000 NOK

  • tavoite50000 NOK
  • koossa0 NOK
  • päättyy31.1.2017

Sustainable Lamps in new materials.

Please have a look at our web-site at It's in both Danish and En…

Minimi 55000 DKK

  • tavoite55000 DKK
  • koossa0 DKK
  • päättyy25.2.2017

A warm glass of job and culture

Help to start up a glassworking studio in the Arctic of Norway! A space where independent glass artists can work, and the rest of the public!

Minimi 12000 NOK

  • tavoite12000 NOK
  • koossa2210 NOK
  • päättyy19.1.2017

Far out in the hemp of Bornholm

HEMP - A SUPER PLANT FROM THE PAST EMERGES AGAIN Hemp has previously been a wide…

Minimi 40000 DKK

  • tavoite40000 DKK
  • koossa12670 DKK
  • päättyy29.1.2017


My first album is recorded, and is now being produced in Nashville Tennessee! More funds are needed for my dream of releasing it coming true!

Minimi 50000 NOK

  • tavoite50000 NOK
  • koossa12750 NOK
  • päättyy10.2.2017


The short version: GAMING as in LEARNING is aiming to develop and create valid t…

Minimi 14000 DKK

  • tavoite14000 DKK
  • koossa0 DKK
  • päättyy26.2.2017

You can help develop the work of local artisans

Program based and focus in the work of local artisan women, to create a place for production, storage and sale of their products.

Minimi 100000 NOK

  • tavoite100000 NOK
  • koossa1200 NOK
  • päättyy24.1.2017

Customizable Shelving System

VALUE PROPOSITION 50 years ago objects were stored in enclosed sideboards and ca…

Minimi 85000 DKK

  • tavoite85000 DKK
  • koossa0 DKK
  • päättyy15.2.2017

Elisabeth Lenes Memorial scholarship

So far, we have been able to sponsor 3-three students to come for a full year in a Norwegian school

Minimi 45000 NOK

  • tavoite45000 NOK
  • koossa0 NOK
  • päättyy16.2.2017 -