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Antonio Flores t-shirt

Started 13.04.2015

Ended 03.05.2015

"I wanted to support Pekka's election campaign. I study at the Helsinki Design School, where I designed this print. The subject is the Mexican celebration of Día de Muertos, when people are remembering the dead. Even though the subject is dark, the day is happy and festive. I hope you like this shirt. It is a nice shirt for the coming warm and sunny summer." - Antonio Flores


T-shirt design by Antonio Flores

You can now order for a limited time a t-shirt with a printed image designed by Antonio Flores to support Pekka Haavisto’s electorial campaign.

The topic of the image is Mexican Día de Muertos.

Due date to all orders is 3th May 2015. Shirts will be delivered by post starting 18th May.

Please include fit (regular/lady fit) and size (S, M, L, XL) to your order.

Price incl. postage & packing: 30 euros. T-shirt colour: white.

The print does not include any political references.

If you feel like it, we would highly appreciate all help in sharing the link of this crowdfunding campaign!


Ask, encourage and discuss with others here.

126 Funders

3780 € Goal 10000 €
Minimum goal 2000 €

 Campaign has ended 03.05.2015

Thank you

Antonio Flores t-shirt

Now available to you a t-shirt with a print designed by Antonio Flores, "Día de Muertos". Project is conducted by Pekka Haavisto's support group in the parliamentary elections for 2015 and the funds are used for the campaign. Only available until the 3rd of May 2015.




Antonion t-paita / T-shirt designed by Antonio Flores
30.00 €

Antonio Floresin suunnittelema t-paita Pekka Haaviston eduskuntavaalikampanjan tueksi
T-shirt planned by Antonio Flores to support Pekka Haavisto's electorial campaign

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