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Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance

Teiknarinn og Málarinn Tryggvi Magnússon

Tryggvi er einn af þeim listamönnum sem hefur gleymst í tímana rás. Hann átti stóran þátt í því að gera sjálfstæðisbaráttu Íslendinga myndræna. Helsti

Minimi 18000 EUR

  • tavoite18000 EUR
  • koossa4011 EUR
  • päättyy26.2.2017

Greenstat - Making Green Happen

Greenstat is a green company for a green generation. We are building a portfolio of projects and companies in the green energy and technology sector.

Minimi 1000000 NOK

  • tavoite1000000 NOK
  • koossa585278 NOK
  • päättyy20.3.2017

Uno Sportswear - To win it you better be in it -

Uno Sportswear - Norwegian designed clothing for the active lifestyle - Design inspired by the northern hemosphere.

Minimi 70000 NOK

  • tavoite70000 NOK
  • koossa100 NOK
  • päättyy23.3.2017

Soulful songs from Son Of Caesar

In between melancholy and pure bliss Son Of Caesar sings soulful songs about you…

Minimi 35000 DKK

  • tavoite35000 DKK
  • koossa0 DKK
  • päättyy7.5.2017



Hvatning fjölskyldu og vina fékk mig loks til að ganga alla leið með hugmynd sem ég hef verið með í maganum í nokkur ár, útgáfa fyrstu smáskífu minnar

Minimi 2900 EUR

  • tavoite2900 EUR
  • koossa3108 EUR
  • päättyy9.3.2017

CarePacks - Makes it easier to choose healthier!

CarePacks is the perfect choice in terms of choosing a healthier lifestyle when you won't renounce the good things in life, like snacking. CarePacks;

Minimi 700060 NOK

  • tavoite700060 NOK
  • koossa587105 NOK
  • päättyy15.3.2017

Thank you Ánot - A short sami fiction

A short sami film about a man who returns to Finnmark in Norway after 20 years away from his childhood home, where his father still lives.

Minimi 25000 NOK

  • tavoite25000 NOK
  • koossa5570 NOK
  • päättyy15.3.2017

Danish Thundersport Championship

My name is Max Klinkby-Silver and I will be participating in the Danish Thunders…

Minimi 40000 DKK

  • tavoite40000 DKK
  • koossa0 DKK
  • päättyy7.4.2017

Pieni piiri is digitalising elderly care

Pieni piiri is now creating the world’s first 100% digital elderly care organisation. With our proven and well established software platform, we aim t

Minimi 100815 EUR

  • tavoite100815 EUR
  • koossa44792 EUR
  • päättyy4.3.2017

Help Ngao to get a better life.

Ngao have congenital malformations in the legs and arms, making it difficult for her to move around. Will you help us change this?

Minimi 10000 NOK

  • tavoite10000 NOK
  • koossa3500 NOK
  • päättyy2.4.2017

Som alle de andre- Live tv om livsemner

Translate Birgitte and I started writing our first book for girls in 2005. We ar…

Minimi 50000 DKK

  • tavoite50000 DKK
  • koossa0 DKK
  • päättyy17.5.2017


Turtleneck - Avoid everyday crankiness

We’re Turtleneck, a Scandinavian fashion-tech accessory brand helping people avoid everyday crankiness by eliminating their irritating everyday proble

Minimi 255000 NOK

  • tavoite255000 NOK
  • koossa315378 NOK
  • päättyy20.3.2017

Run for Life

In May 2017 I will be running a marathon in Lebanon to raise awareness and funds for refugees escaping extreme persecution in Syria and Iraq

Minimi 50000 NOK

  • tavoite50000 NOK
  • koossa0 NOK
  • päättyy6.4.2017


Help Lea The Pirate to the world championship in Muay Thai!

The Danish female muay thai fighter, Lea "The Pirate" Pedersen, has represented …

Minimi 6000 DKK

  • tavoite6000 DKK
  • koossa7229 DKK
  • päättyy28.2.2017

FitWood – The Future Category of Home Fitness

FitWood makes home fitness equipment that's easy to use and looks great — every day. We create a new category of fitness equipment with sustainable No

Minimi 100170 EUR

  • tavoite100170 EUR
  • koossa94340 EUR
  • päättyy30.3.2017

Be part of an important message - "Fortitude" Film

The struggle we face from child to growing up,expectations, how they change over time, but still remain. How we all deal with it differently.

Minimi 20000 NOK

  • tavoite20000 NOK
  • koossa16070 NOK
  • päättyy4.4.2017

eClipze eSportcenter & LAN league

Eclipze entertainment & eSportcenter Presents Denmarks first eSportcenter wi…

Minimi 250000 DKK

  • tavoite250000 DKK
  • koossa0 DKK
  • päättyy8.5.2017

Brak 20 years anniversary record

To celebrate Brak's 20 years jubilee we are making a record featuring 10 selected artists from the westcoast of Norway covering a classic song.

Minimi 60000 NOK

  • tavoite60000 NOK
  • koossa300 NOK
  • päättyy27.4.2017

Breathing Space's Fundraising Campaign for Mental Wellbeing in Copenhagen

“support a stranger" - Breathing Space's campaign for mental wellbeing in Copenh…

Minimi 4500 DKK

  • tavoite4500 DKK
  • koossa1925 DKK
  • päättyy4.3.2017

UTMB Solidarity bib

Solidarity raise bib Ultra-Trail-De-Mont-Blanc OCC 2017. You donate, I run, Congolese get water!

Minimi 18000 NOK

  • tavoite18000 NOK
  • koossa570 NOK
  • päättyy30.4.2017

The Jazzcenter should survive

Center for Danish Jazz (CDJ) was founded i 2006 by a group of students and profe…

Minimi 350000 DKK

  • tavoite350000 DKK
  • koossa1550 DKK
  • päättyy20.12.2017

Establishing internet in our little village

New Chance build the future in Mubambiro, Congo! Our current project is to establish internet, to give people independence and job opportunities

Minimi 50000 NOK

  • tavoite50000 NOK
  • koossa5880 NOK
  • päättyy1.6.2017

A kitchen for the homeless

In the past 10 years, the number of homeless people in Denmark has increased. An…

Minimi 50000 DKK

  • tavoite50000 DKK
  • koossa420 DKK
  • päättyy15.5.2017

Book: Violent colleague got acquitted

Support my work on a book about how i was violently abused by a colleague, and the struggles I met in the legal system after the assault

Minimi 50000 NOK

  • tavoite50000 NOK
  • koossa500 NOK
  • päättyy28.2.2017

Helping Young Ghanaians to have a Better Future


Minimi 80000 DKK

  • tavoite80000 DKK
  • koossa6000 DKK
  • päättyy30.4.2017

Help us to take water and energy Nicole!

The Nicole neighbourhood has a major poverty problem. We need to start helping with the basics: water and energy!

Minimi 100000 NOK

  • tavoite100000 NOK
  • koossa4150 NOK
  • päättyy15.3.2017

Youth running for peace

Young builds bridges, not walls All Danes can, if they want to, as a matter of c…

Minimi 10000 DKK

  • tavoite10000 DKK
  • koossa1000 DKK
  • päättyy15.4.2017 -