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Café On the Road

Started 16.06.2016

Ended 17.07.2016

Hello good fellows, welcome to Join my passion and my dreams.

A couple of years ago I created Latte Café On the Road concept. The idea was simple: To bring tasty specialty coffee to all coffee lovers and also allowed people to come for a cheeky cup of something good and a soulful chat. In the same spirit as in Latte Café and Latte Gourmand in Turku. What we needed was a prototype of the bike.

It was a nice challenge and we managed to bring our concept to life. Our bike is more than just a coffee trike. It is a lifestyle, a way to improve leisure and freedom of choice. To meet people and serve our quality products on a street level and in city parks in order to create a good, lively vibe everywhere needed.

Café On the Road on the road! Helsinki & Turku 2015

Café On the Road on the road! Helsinki & Turku 2015

We can bring you that little something that could change your day. But we need to improve our concept with better logistics, and also a more sustainable source of energy for our on-the-road concept is needed.

The generator is questioning its existence.

The generator is questioning its existence.

Today we aim towards building more bikes and have our own logistic to be able to go towards people. We have not been able to respond to demands for the last couple of years (weddings, fairs, barbecue parties), as people are calling us for events and we cannot respond the demands that we are experiencing. This is mainly because we only have one bike so far and no solutions available for transporting them on longer distances. It is our ambition to build two to three more fully equipped coffee bikes and a find a way to transport them near and far.

From our bike we offer:

Ghetto Latte
Panama Twist
Hot chocolate
Chai Latte
Dirty Chai
Specialty Teas
Iced Coffee and Teas and much more…

So, we ask you to help us to reach our goals and become a part of creating good coffee experiences for everybody to enjoy.

Note! If the campaign doesn’t reach its’ minimum goal we will refund you. However, the Holvi payment service’s fee is subtracted from the funded sum (0.90 euros or credit card 0.90 euros + 3% funded sum).

Ask, encourage and discuss with others here.

2 Funders

300 € Goal 35000 €
Minimum goal 15000 €

 Campaign has ended 17.07.2016

Thank you

Café On the Road

Hello My name is K G Gassou, I am a biochemist and I have passion for coffee and food: I select my own beans, create my blends and roast my own coffee. Couple of years ago in Turku I created Latte Cafe Mundo to make everyday coffee moment perfect.




Universal Gift card
15.00 €

You will have a month to try our coffee beans selection for 50% of the normal value price (beans or grounded).

1000 units left


Welcome for Coffee & Sweet break
35.00 €

Enjoy your coffee time for two with coffee of your choice and sweet cakes. Personally i will recommend the Ghetto Latte.

500 units left


your own custom sticker
50.00 €

Custom print stickers with your name and contact.
This individual sticker will be on display on the bike to show your participation.
We will also send you a custom certificate of cafe on the road founder.

499 units left


Free Hug & a coffee
50.00 €

Drop by our shop and get a free Hug & your Hug Card along with our amazing 15% off the Coffee list.
Or get your Latte Hug Card from the post with a bag of nice ground coffee.
Every time you will show your card in any of our shop you will get a free Hug and 15% discount on the coffee list and a soulful chat.

500 units left


Morning starter
250.00 €

An Italian Moka pan & a selection of three bags of our finest coffee to start your morning and discover what latte cafe is about.

3 units left


Coffee & Food
500.00 €

A private diner for four including three course menu to choose from our offer list.
Diner will be organized in a partner restaurant of our choice.
Diner include Drinks, coffee and Dessert and live music.

25 units left