is a Finnish crowdfunding service, founded in the Fall 2012. Its purpose is to promote Finnish cultural, social and business sectors.

Our service allows any individual, group, company or others organization to publish their projects and apply for funding. Funders can also be private people and organizations.

We perceive Finnish companies, NGO’s and public sector institutions as our partners. We do share the same goals of promoting and fueling Finnish economy and society. This is why we have opened a crowdfunding product aimed at organizations and businesses called Mesenaatti.PRO.


  • PRO-customer receives a banner space on the frontage of
  • PRO-customer is presented with its own Mesenaatti.PRO page within, which is accessed via the banner
  • Mesenaatti.PRO page will be free to for the organization to use according to their needs, showcasing crowdfunding campaigns selected and/or founded by the PRO-customer
  • Campaigns on the Mesenaatti.PRO -page can be shown also on customers own webpage


Funding your organization's projects
Showcasing campaigns by your stakeholders, such as members, students, artists, partners or clients
Running competitions where you fund part of the projects that manage to attract the audience and receive part of the needs funds via crowdfunding
Showcasing your funding scheme in crowdfunding, and presenting the projects you have funded, together with the crowd

We develop with you

The possibilities are countless. Meet us to discuss what works for you.


Mesenaatti.PRO page has an annual opening and maintenance fee. Pricing is determined by the extent and objectives of the use. PRO-customers can negotiate a significant discount n the standard service commission (7% including VAT 24%) on successful crowdfunding campaigns. Each PRO contract is customized according to the clients needs.

In addition,'s transaction service provider charges 3% of credit card charges and € 0.90 for every online banking payment. The prices include VAT. enables new Finnish culture and the economy. Welcome aboard!

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