Rules and Terms of Use

Rules and Terms of Use


1.9. 2023

Welcome to the service! founded in 2012 is the first crowdfunding service in Finland. To apply for funding or to fund via Mesenaatti service, please follow these RULES. You will also need to agree with the terms of use.

These Rules bind all active parties of the service.


Mesenaatti is an online service platform, media, that enables the Campaigner and the Funder to meet. Mesenaatti provides an opportunity Campaigners to pitch their projects and raise funding. Mesenaatti provides an opportunity for Funders to browse and find interesting projects they can help realise by funding them.


The payment service provider for Mesenaatti is Lemon Way SAS, Limited Joint-Stock Company (”Lemon Way”). You can find Lemon Way terms of use from here. More information on Lemon Way here.


The Campaigner can be an individual, a team, a registered or unregistered community, a company, or a foundation.

The Campaigner must be at least 18 years old. If the Campaigner is under 18 years, they must ask for an adult of a legal capacity and of at least 18 years old to represent them in the crowdfunding campaign. The representative is responsible for all content of the campaign and the realisation of the project.

All the Campaigners will get a private Lemon Way account where they receive funding during the campaign. The Campaigner must also agree with the Lemon Way terms of use and deliver Mesenaatti all the required information and documents.

After a successful campaign funding, minus the commissions and payment transactions, is transferred to Campaigners bank account.

The Campaigner may not receive funding outside Mesenaatti for the same project that is presented in the Mesenaatti during the campaign duration if not separately agreed. Funding from foundations and other such parties is, however, accepted, as is Campaigners regular business activities.


The Funder can be an individual, a (work) team, a registered or unregistered association, company, public sector operator or a foundation. The Funder must be at least 15 years old.


DONATIONS: Parties, such as non-profit organisations that have a fundraising permit granted by the police, can ask for donations with the permit via the Mesenaatti service and by accepting the terms of use set by Mesenaatti. Also, individuals, in groups with a minimum of three persons, or associations, can request a Small money collection number from the police board. With this they can collect a maximum of 10 000 euros for mostly common good purposes or art.

REWARDS: If the Campaigner has no fundraising permit or small money collection number, they must offer a reward for the funding.

Reward can be, e.g., a product, a service, or an event. It can be physical or digital. It can also be a privilege to utilize a space or a product or membership in an association or a club.

Rewards that are offered in the Mesenaatti campaign may not be offered elsewhere during the campaign, with the exception of rewards that have been offered elsewhere already prior the campaign. In the description of each rewards one needs to state the delivery date and VAT information of the reward.

The Campaigner may also determine any additional terms for the rewards. The terms must be included in the description of the rewards.


You can start the funding campaign process by registering to the service. After registering you will fill form in order to do the campaign page. The Campaigner decides the length of the campaign.

The Campaigner determines the minimum target amount for the campaign. The minimum target must be such that the Campaigner can guarantee to deliver the project and the rewards offered for the funding as they have been pitched. However minimum target must be at least 1000 euros.


You can fund paying via online bank or by credit card.

The funds from the Funder are transferred to the funding campaign account where they will be held until the end of the campaign, and pending the minimum target to be reached. The funds can be withdrawn only after the campaign has ended and minimum target has been reached.

If the minimum target has not been reached Mesenaatti will return the funds back to the Funders.


Creating and starting a funding campaign is free of charge.

Mesenaatti takes a commission on the total return of all successful funding campaigns. Transaction fees for our payment service are added to the commission: 50 cents per funding.  The amount includes VAT at 24%.

The amount of the commission depends on the total amount of the campaign as follows:

Less than 1000€  18%

1000€ - 5000€    15%

Over 5000€          12%

If the campaign does not reach its minimum goal, Mesenaatti will cover transaction fees for up to 10 000 euros of raised funding, and charges the campaign maker for fees on anything more than 10 000 euros.


When the minimum target has been reached and the campaign period has ended, the Campaigner thanks all Funders.

After this funding, minus the Mesenaatti commission and transaction fee, is transferred to the campaign makers.

The Campaigner is responsible for taking a good care of their Funders, such as informing them of the project schedule and any potential difficulties or delays in delivering both the project as well as the rewards. Remember that the Funders are more valuable than the received funding!


If the minimum target of the campaign has not been reached the campaign will lapse and the fundings returns back to the Funders.

The Campaigner will be able to get the Funders email addresses. By doing this the Campaigner agrees to thank all the funders and inform the Funders about the unsuccessful result of the campaign, as set within the Mesenaatti guidelines.


The Campaigner is obliged to market his/her campaign. Mesenaatti team can help in this. Campaigner can decide how to market their campaign.

Mesenaatti has a right to use of all material produced and published by the Campaigner in its efforts of marketing the project. Mesenaatti also has a right to use material published in campaigns on Mesenaatti platform in its own marketing. Mesenaatti has the right to reject or discontinue campaign when the Campaigner fails to fulfil duty to market the campaign.


The funding agreement is always made between the Campaigner and the Funder. Mesenaatti is a media, a platform where the Campaigner and the Funder can meet. Mesenaatti is not a broker of a funding, rewards or of anything  other.

The Campaigner is responsible for the realisation of the project, for which the funding has been raised, as well as the delivery and quality of the offered rewards. The Funder and the Campaigner are responsible for ensuring that the given and received funding is handled appropriately in the accounting and taxes of both parties.

The Campaigner is solely responsible for the activity on their Mesenaatti account. All passwords must be kept in a secure place. Any possible breaches of security or misuse of the account must immediately be brought to the attention of Mesenaatti.

The Campaigner is solely responsible for any losses or damages that may have incurred from unauthorised use of the account.


Mesenaatti reserves the right to choose the campaigns for funding and products sold as rewards. Mesenaatti publishes only campaigns and products that are not in conflict with the current etiquette, the nature of the service or the goals of Mesenaatti.

The Campaigner declares and warrants that he or she has all the rights to sell products that he or she offers to be sold. The Campaigner also declares and warrants that the campaign material does not contain intellectual propety or material that may be in breach of the intellectual property of a third party.

Mesenaatti reserves the right to remove already approved and published product or a campaign. Mesenaatti also reserves the right to remove campaign material that is in conflict with the terms of use.

Mesenaatti does not have to give any reason for a decision to reject a campaign, for forbidding a certain reward offered within the campaign, or for removing a description used for pitching the campaign. Mesenaatti does not approve projects that are against the law or damaging to a third party (terms of use). Mesenaatti is not liable for any damage concerning rejected campaigns.

Mesenaatti reserves all rights to realise a similar project with another Campaigner or campaign party.

All funding campaigns proposed to Mesenaatti are checked before they are published. The Campaigner should be prepared to these checks take at least 5 working days.

If you are not sure whether your campaign is suitable for the service, please contact the service providers at: [email protected] before starting to build your project page.


Mesenaatti expects all service users to adhere to good manners and maintain a supportive attitude towards other users.

If you do not like the content of a particular campaign or project that is searching for funding, please do not undermine it – it may be a good and important project to someone else! Mesenaatti reserves the right to administrate and remove any abusive messages published on the service website and on its Facebook page.


All Campaigners must report the following steps to Mesenaatti: thanking the Funders, the date of delivering the rewards, all possible delays and difficulties within the project or in delivering the rewards.

Mesenaatti welcomes and encourages all feedback. Please tell Mesenaatti if you notice any defects within the service, or if the Campaigner has not delivered what they have promised. You can send feedback to [email protected]

If you have any feedback concerning the payment services, please contact Lemon Way directly at [email protected].


The Campaigner must always register as a service user before filling the application form for a funding campaign.

The Funders are offered the opportunity to register before fundering.  Registration is not compulsory, but recommended.


Payment Service Provider collects service user data as presented in its own service.

Mesenaatti collects service user data as stipulated in the PRIVACY POLICY.

The Campaigner has access to all names and email addresses of the Funders.

In addition he or she may ask for any further information for each reward, such as delivery address, or the desired size or colour for the reward.


Mesenaatti is able to get all data of the Campaigners. Mesenaatti is not authorised to share the data with third parties. Mesenaatti may use the data for its own communications purposes, as stipulated in the PRIVACY POLICY.

Personal data recorded on the register are used for the care and maintenance of the customer relations between Mesenaatti and its customers.

The data recorded on the register may also be used for the Mesenaatti business planning, development and marketing.

The Campaigner may use the data they have access to for the purpose of communicating the funders about news or events related to the project.

The data may not be given to any third parties or used inappropriately.

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