What is Mesenaatti.me?

What is Mesenaatti.me?


Mesenaatti.me is Finland's first and largest reward based crowdfunding service, and also the biggest in the Nordic countries.  Crowdfunding is an  internationally well-established form of financing in which people together fund a project that they find important, such as a community project, building of a new service, an art project or a development of a new product. Funders receive a reward in return, for example, a service, experience, or the end product of the project - while they do not, for example, receive company shares as in equity-based crowdfunding.

Directed to all 

Mesenaatti.me invites individuals, teams, communities, associations, organizations and companies, both established actors and newcomers alike, to showcase their projects and apply for crowdfunding. In order to fund projects one does not need to be wealthy nor an experienced investor. You can start with a twenty euros. The funder may be an individual or an entity  such as company, association, foundation or a public institution.

In Mesenaatti.me one can apply funding for both small and large, local, national or even international projects. Mesenaatti.me serves:

  • individuals, such as artists, writers, musicians, scientists and athletes
  • working groups
  • public projects
  • associations
  • charity projects
  • new companies or existing companies

Anyone can be a funder

In Mesenaatti.me anyone can participate:

  • an individual
  • association
  • company
  • foundation
  • public administrative body

Funders receive a reward

Reward should always be relative to the given sum of money. Reward can be something inherent to your project: products, services, experiences or memberships.

  • book, album, video recording, application
  • a ticket to an opening or an invitation to a premiere
  • access to space or service
  • share of a cooperative or a membership of a club or association

Those with a  fundraising permit or a new "small money collection registration number" from the police can apply for donation based funding in Mesenaatti.me, without the need to offer rewards.

Taxable income

Collected funding is always either personal or company income. Each receiver of crowdfunding must report it in their own bookkeeping and taxation. Non-profit organizations are, in turn, as a rule, tax-free.  Mesenaatti.me takes a 10% service charge (including VAT) of all successful funding, including 3% of transaction costs.

Why fund projects in Mesenaatti.me?

Funding via Mesenaatti.me is easy. It gives you the opportunity to participate in and influence what is happening around you tomorrow. You have the opportunity to directly support people, who are carrying out their dreams.

You can browse and fund interesting projects without registration. You can also suggest projects to friends by sharing them in the social media. Once you have found the project that you want to fund, choose the amount you're willing to invest. You should also tell your social network about this project, which will inspire others to participate the important project too.

Why choose Mesenaatti.me for your crowdfunding campaign?

Mesenaatti.me functions in Finnish and English, and the service mainly intended for Finnish campaign makers. We serve customers in Finnish and English, and we will do the marketing mainly in Finnish and in Finland. Therefore, the service is particularly suitable for projects that take place in Finland, with target groups in Finland. However, the platform also works in English and campaigns can be funded from abroad by credit card. Many Mesenaatti.me campaigns have received a substantial part of their funding from abroad.

Mesenaatti.me employees are personally in contact with each campaigner, and if needed, we will give extra support via e-mail, Facebook, and even face to face. We also post about all campaigns at least once on our Facebook page, and on campaigns that are progressing well, several times. Almost all of the campaigns also feature in our newsletter at least once. We can also help, for example, in sending a press release.

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