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Help with campaigns

Pauliina Seppälä
p. 050 572 7910

Technical help

Marko Tanninen
p. 040 720 0880

Design and marketing service for campaigns

Pauliina Seppälä (see above)

Lectures and workshops

Tanja Jänicke
050 382 0333

Organization clients: campaign design and marketing, Mesenaatti.PRO -pages, partnerhips

Pauliina Seppälä & Tanja Jänicke (see above)


Tanja Jänicke (see above)

Educational assignment, thesis etc.

Pauliina Seppälä (see above)

What is is Findland’s first service for reward and donation based crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a globally established funding form where anyone, from local communities and artists to companies, can present their project for the audience, and anyone can fund it.

Open to all

Individuals, working groups, associations, companies; both established players and newcomers, can present their projects and ask for funding. Anyone can fund, and one does not need to be especially wealhty to be able to help. Also funders can be individuals or organizations.

We serve:

  • individuals, such as artists, writers, musicians, scientists and athletes
  • project groups
  • public projects
  • associations and other non-profits
  • charity projects
  • new businesses and development projects of existing businesses

Instructions for campaign makers are available after registration