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Cirkus42 debut album ‘Tigerbrand’

Started 9.3.2015

Ended 21.5.2015

Support a unique production of Finnish musical interpretations of Nils Ferlin’s poetry in Cirkus42’s debut album “Tigerbrand”

(You can read about the project in Swedish and Finnish here) Some things matter, and Nils Ferlin managed to put a surprising number of them into cast-iron words in his poems. Reverberating with biblical turns of phrases, Ferlin’s poems bring up an unlikely set of heroes: tramps and vagabonds, freezing old geezers in the poorhouse, and the mystical beauty of nature. The record “Tigerbrand” is a tribute to Ferlin and a fresh, Finnish look at his poems. Perhaps we can help bring out the “Finn blood” that Nils claimed to have inherited. To do so, we have brought together some of the present generation’s finest Finnish musician from classical music, jazz, folk and pop. KUVA8-2
Life’s a circus, and we’re the clowns. Cirkus42 is a new project band consisting of singer / songwriter Petter Korkman, pianist Jan-Erik Mansikka, bass player / percussionist / singer Kaarle Mannila and guitarist Mats Nyman. After having initially chosen the songs to work on, we’ve fooled around with the music and let playful experimentation take us where it would. Now we have fourteen songs ready to mix. But we need your help to walk that final mile – please help us make “Tigerbrand” real! kuva jousikaiku-2
In addition to our core group, we’ve had the pleasure and honour to share our musical playground with several proficient Finnish musicians: Jouko Kyhälä (known among other things as the founder of the internationally renowned mouth organ quartet “Sväng”), Verneri Pohjola (one of Finland’s most renowned jazz trumpet players), Niko Kumpuvaara (one of the foremost accordion players in the world today), as well as the brilliant “Jousikaiku” quartet (Pasi Eerikäinen, Laura Airola, Mauri Kuokkanen and Riikka Lampinen). kuva girls The “Tigerbrand” project has brought together Finnish artists and singers from various genres and generations. Singers on the record are Riki Sorsa, Jonte Ramsten, Ida Olsonen, Jonas Sebastian, Elsa Korkman, Julia Korkman, Bella Jensen, Petter Korkman and Emma Salokoski. The pictures on this page are mainly by Heidi-Maria Karhu (thank you Heidi!). Finally, the music was recorded with a man who is often introduced as the best recording engineer in Finland: Speedy Saarinen. KUVA7 Most of the music on “Tigerbrand” has been composed by Petter Korkman, but the record also includes hitherto unpublished Ferlin-songs by some of the big names in Finnish songwriting and composition: Kaj Chydenius, Jussi Chydenius and Toivo Kärki. Special thanks go to Kalervo Kärki for digging out Kärki’s compositions “Tre dagar” and “I folkviseton” från the family archives. Thanks in fact to all who’ve shared this journey with us and made it possible. A big thank you also to Svenska kulturfonden and to Musiikin edistämisen säätiö. Now all that remains is to mix, master and print the cd. This is what we need your help for. Please help us raise the funds to finalize this chapter of Finnish and Scandinavian culture! Before you go, please listen to our second “single” from “Tigerbrand”. This is the song Cirkus, based on a poem that provided us with a name both for the band Cirkus42 and for the record “Tigerbrand”. The video was produced by Nils-Erik Ekblom and Petter Korkman, and the song is performed by Jonte Ramsten. Enjoy! Cirkus from TIUKU on Vimeo.

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2050 € Goal 5500 €
Minimum goal 2000 €

 Campaign has ended 21.5.2015

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Cirkus42 debut album ‘Tigerbrand’

“Tigerbrand” was recorded by Speedy Saarinen (Mediagents studio) and will – with your help – also be mixed by Speedy. Mastering Svante Forsbäck, production Petter Korkman. The record will be published in June 2015 by Public Information Cultural Factory (




Tigerbrand CD
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Cirkus42 debut album

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CD Release party ticket
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Welcome to the "Tigerbrand" release party on Wednesday 20th of May! The event will take place at DUBROVNIK Bar & Lounge in the centre of Helsinki (Eerikinkatu 11). That's downstairs from Corona bar for you aficiendos. Buy a full price ticket if you can, it's a great help and makes it possible to finalize this record!

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10 records package
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Get 10 x the Tigerbrand CD

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Your own song
200.00 €

Perhaps you have a favorite poem that you'd like to hear as a Cirkus42 song? Or a short melody of your own that you'd like us to turn into a song in Swedish, Finnish, or English? Or you may need a song dedicated to someone who turns 50? We're ready to compose and write your song for you or with you, and we'll record a demo of it as well. The basic price is for a simple "guitar + song" or "piano + song" demo.

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CD Release party ticket ("student")
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The "student price" ticket is for anyone who'd like to join the release party at international cultural centre Caisa on May 20th, but for whom 20 euros is too steep. Prekaari-lippu in Finnish, hehe!

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