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Started 25.10.2015

Ended 20.12.2015

Life in deep bedrock? Yes, and the DeepHotMicrobe project will find out just how deep!

Diverse microbial communities live in ancient, isolated and millions of years of old groundwater in deep Finnish bedrock. A drill hole reaching to the depth of seven kilometers is going to be drilled in Otaniemi, Espoo, enabling us to study just how deep life can reach inside the Earth. This research will answer questions such as how deep can we go and still find signs of life? What kind of single-celled organisms, i.e. microbes will be found?  Are we going to detect completely new lifeforms or superorganisms that are adapted to extremes? Is this life active in depths?

Life on Mars?

High temperature and salinity in addition to anoxic environment and low concentration of nutrients typically define life in the deep crystalline rock. Conditions deep inside bedrock resemble the situation on early Earth when life first emerged. Similar environments may be found from other celestial bodies, such as from Mars. By studying the microbial community structure and functions in deep bedrock of Otaniemi will allow us to determine the limits of life, as well as to understand the possibility of emergence of life in other places in the Universe.

You can help us too!

You can join in and be part of this groundbreaking research project. You can back up this project by purchasing a reward you will be informed of the progress of the project in form of a newsletter. You can also get a piece of rock from the depths with description of the lithology and environmental conditions in this specific depth, or a lecture about the project and science behind it, held by a scientist working in the project.  Funds collected with this crowdfunding campaing will be used to the challenging microbiological sample collection from the Otaniemi ultradeep drill hole.

Our research consortium

DeepHotMicrobe project is a part of larger research consortium formed by experts and researchers from St1 Deep Heat, University of Helsinki, Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. In the future St1 Deep Heat will provide environment-friendly, emission-free heating to the 10 % of the population of Espoo, second largest city in Finland. They will provide access to the scientific studies in the drill hole. Research scientist Lotta Purkamo and senior scientist Malin Bomberg, who both have several years of experience on microbial ecology and deep terrestrial subsurface research, will be responsible of the microbiological analyses. Both work at VTT that provides a world-class research environment and a platform for new technology innovations. The scientific collaboration is lead by Principal Investigator and geophysicist Ilmo Kukkonen from the University of Helsinki, and hydrogeochemistry of the drill hole will be analyzed with expert team from GTK.


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30 Funders

1160 € Goal 25000 €
Minimum goal 5000 €

 Campaign has ended 20.12.2015

Thank you


Project is lead by Lotta Purkamo, working together with other VTT researchers as well as scientiests from the University of Helsinki, Geological Survey of Finland and St1 Deep Heat experts.



Uutiskirje - Newsletter
20.00 €

Kuukausittain ilmestyvässä uutiskirjeessä saat tuoreimmat tiedot projektin edistymisestä sekä tutkimusaiheeseen liittyvää taustatietoa. Julkaisemme 10 uutiskirjettä.
A monthly newsletter will keep you informed of the progress of the project in addition to some background knowledge of the research subject. We will publish 10 issues.

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Tutustu kairauspaikkaan - Visit the drilling site
60.00 €

Ostamalla tämän vastikkeen pääset kurkistamaan kulisseihin! Järjestämme tutustumistilaisuuden kairauspaikkaan, ja kuulet asiantuntijoilta miten kairausprojekti toteutetaan ja mitä kairareiästä tutkitaan. Lisäksi liityt uutiskirjeen saajien joukkoon.
This reward will take you behind the scenes! We will organise a introductory visit at the drilling site and you will get to hear how the drilling project is executed and what research is done from the drill hole. In addition, you will receive the newsletter.

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Luento - Lecture - Webinar
180.00 €

Onko sinulla tiedonhaluinen koululuokka, joka haluaa kuulla astrobiologiasta? Tai ryhmä opiskelijoita joita kiinnostaa ympäristömikrobiologia? Kuulutko ammatilliseen yhdistykseen, jonka syyskokous kaipaa mielenkiintoista alustusta? Ostamalla vastikkeen saat tutkijan kertomaan tieteen tekemisestä, DeepHotMicrobe-projektista, mikrobiologiasta ja joukkorahoituskokemuksesta! Ostamalla tämän vastikkeen liityt myös uutiskirjeen saajien joukkoon.
This reward will grant you a lecture from a scientist working in DeepHotMicrobe project. The subject of the lecture can range from astrobiology to environmental microbiology and experiences of science crowdfunding! In addition, you will automatically be on our mailing list for the newsletter!

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Pala syvää kallioperää - Piece of deep subsurface
120.00 €

Kivenpalanen syvältä Suomen kallioperän uumenista, Otaniemen kairareiästä. Mukana tulee tietoa kallioperän koostumuksesta ja olosuhteista kiven lähtösyvyydessä. Ostamalla tämän vastikkeen saat automaattisesti myös uutiskirjeen.
Piece of rock from Otaniemi ultradeep drill hole. Comes with the description of the rock type and conditions in the original depth of the rock. When purchasing this reward you will automatically receive the newsletter as well.

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