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The Helsinki Samba Carnaval

Started 05.05.2015

Ended 25.05.2015

The Helsinki Samba Carnaval ® - event has brought vibrance and color to the streets of Helsinki for over 25 years, so on June 6th it’s time to celebrate! The dancers and musicians from samba schools from all over Finland have worked hard throughout the year to make this event spectacular for everyone who comes to see it.

Association of Samba Schools in Finland organizes the annual Helsinki Samba Carnaval ® with the help of volunteers and grants. To organize an event with no admission fee is challenging.

We need to pay for lease of the venue, salaries for security first aid and traffic control personnel, traffic signs, fences, electricity and so on. It is very hard to find sponsors with the state our economy is in, so we need your help!

The money raised by our campaign in Mesenaatti will be used to cover expenses that come from organizing this beautiful event that brings a tropical breeze from Brazil to the Nordics..With your support we will make sure that the carnival can be organized in the future as well.
So forget about the dull everyday life, choose samba and fund our carnival through Mesenaatti!

Ask, encourage and discuss with others here.

49 Funders

1034 € Goal 5000 €
Minimum goal 1000 €

 Campaign has ended 25.05.2015

Thank you

The Helsinki Samba Carnaval

The Association of Samba Schools in Finland (ASSF) is an umbrella organization uniting all Finnish samba schools, whose purpose is to promote samba in Finland. The main event organized by ASSF is the annual Helsinki Samba Carnaval ® - a Rio de Janeiro style street carnival right in the center of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The first carnival organized by ASSF took place in 1991 in the city of Turku, but since 1993 the event has been organized in Helsinki every summer.




Hengessä mukana / In the spirit
7.00 €

Pienistäkin tukisummista voi syntyä suuret rahavirrat! Kiitokseksi saat värikkään Helsinki Samba Carnaval-tarran (läpimitta 8 cm). Tuotteen hinta sisältää postikulut Suomeen.


Every amount of support is important for us! We want to thank you for the support with a 8 cm colorful carnival sticker. Postal fees within Finland are included in the price.

still left


Soinnukas kannatus / Support with melody
25.00 €

Paketti sisältää sambaisan CD-levyn ja tarran. CD-levy sisältää 8 kappaleen verran kuumia sambarytmejä. Levyn kappaleet ovat sambaajien säveltämiä ja sanoittamia, joten CD:n ostamalla tuet myös suomalaista musiikkiosaamista! Tuotteen hinta sisältää postikulut Suomeen.


This package includes a samba CD album and a sticker. The album contains 8 songs worth of hot samba rhythms. The songs are composed and written by sambistas all over Finland so by buying this album you will also support music making in Finland! Postal fees in Finland are included in the price.

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