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Kardemimmit: Onni 2015

Started 27.02.2015

Ended 10.5.2015

We have very recently recorded the songs for our new album Onni (Happiness/Fortune/Luck in English) and are very eager to publish in the summer of 2015! The album will be an independent publication, and we would ask for your help to fund it. We are thankful for the interest towards our project and even more thankful if you decide to participate in the funding!

We, Kardemimmit (Maija Pokela, Jutta Rahmel, Anna Wegelius and Leeni Wegelius) have been playing and making music together for more than half of our lives (we can’t remember it very well but we probably started in 1999 or 2000). So far we have published three albums: Viira (2006), Kaisla (2009) and Autio huvila (2012). Autio huvila was awarded as Folk Music Album of the year 2012 in Finland. Now we have recorded the material for the fourth album, Onni, which will be out in May 2015. It will be an independent album, published by us four. This has been the case also in the previous ones, because we have felt that by self-publishing we can reach all the goals we have set for ourselves considering the quality.

While making an album we need a bunch of talented people to make it possible. This time we have had the joy to work with for example: Samuli Volanto (sound engineering), Minerva Pappi (mastering) and Jimmy Träskelin (cover art + photos). By funding our album you will be supporting us but also these other top professionals that are also very nice people!

So, what are the costs we need the funding for?

The costs we can’t do without are:
Studio rent, recording and sound engineering, about 3500 euros.
Mastering, cover art and photos, about 2500 euros.
Printing the physical CD’s, digital distribution and copyright payments, about 3500 euros.

Total of 9500 euros to publish the album.

Additional costs we would very much like to achieve too are:

Marketing 2000 euros.
Making a music video, which we haven’t yet done, but would very much like to: 5000 euros
Salary for us musicians: 3200 would be nice, it’s ok with less and more than nice with a bit more 🙂

So the total with all costs would be 19 700 euros.


Ask, encourage and discuss with others here.

243 Funders

4195 € Goal 20000 €
Minimum goal 2500 €

 Campaign has ended 10.5.2015

Thank you

Kardemimmit: Onni 2015

We are a kawaii-folk group about to publish our fourth album.




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Kardemimmit-taidejuliste / Kardemimmit Art Poster
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Lippu julkaisukonserttiin - Ticket to the release concert
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Lippu julkaisukonserttiin 22.5.2015 klo 19 Albergan Kartanossa Espoossa. Liput myynnissä vain tätä kautta. Kuitti ostosta toimii lippunasi. Maljannostotilaisuus konsertin jälkeen!
Ticket to the release concert on May 22nd 2015 7 PM in Albergan Kartano, Espoo, Finland. Tickets are exclusively sold via Please note it might be difficult to attend outside of Finland, sorry :)

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Signeerattu Onni-levy/ Signed Onni album
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Onni-levy ilmestyy 22.5.2015 ja saat levyn kotiisi postitettuna tuohon mennessä nimikirjoituksillamme varustettuna. Postikulut Suomeen sisältyvät hintaan. Onni album will be out on May 22nd 2015 and we'll sign and post it to you! International customer, please buy also international shipping 5 €.

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