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Kolo Helsinki

Started 29.05.2016

Ended 30.06.2016

Kolo is a neighbourhood spot for meeting people and making merry.

Kolo is a café where you can expect to find fuel for people and laptops, yes, but also events and activities that are fun, free, and frequent. You can watch films in our secret cinema, read books, drink coffee, or just hang out. The café will serve stellar coffee and vegan treats for snacking and sharing (did someone say vegan Karelian pies?), but you don’t need to buy anything to come here and hang out. Everybody is welcome: the more the merrier! We are a non-profit organisation that is run by group of friends, and this projet is inspired by our love for each other and the city of Helsinki. Opening Kolo isn’t our first café experience – we are the brains and beauties behind Ystävien Tammikahvila, the pop-up café that opened in Made in Kallio on Vaasankatu for one month in January 2016 and January 2015. Those of you who were patrons of Ystävien Tammikahlia have an idea what to expect from Kolo

Kolo will be a place (that isn’t a bar!) where people can gather in the afternoon and evening, to experience the companionship of other people (or maybe yourself) and participate in community events (or maybe just enjoy a good cup of coffee over a good book) . It’s a discrimination-free zone where we welcome you exactly as you are.

Ask, encourage and discuss with others here.

82 Funders

1470 € Goal 2000 €
Minimum goal 1000 €

 Campaign has ended 30.06.2016

Thank you

Kolo Helsinki

Olemme joukko ystäviä, jotka haluavat tehdä Helsingistä hiukan kivemman paikan.



Kahvi ja hali
5.00 €

Kupillinen valitsemaasi kuumaa ja halaus.

still left


Kahvi ja vegaaninen karjalanpiirakka + hali
10.00 €

Haluamasi kupillinen kuumaa ja vegaaninen karjalanpiirakka tai muu haluamasi naposteltava. Tarjoillaan luonnollisesti halauksen kera.

still left


30.00 €

Kallio on kuuluisa hierontapalveluistaan, joten mekin haluamme tarjota hartiahieronnan. Rakkaudella.

16 units left


50.00 €

Haluatko oppia kahvimestariksi? Baristamme opettavat sinulle kaiken tarvittavan.

Sold out

100.00 €

Sinulle ja kymmelle ystävällesi elokuvailta sekä vegaaniset herkut.

Sold out

Kahvit vuodeksi
300.00 €

Juo kahvia niin paljon kuin haluat vuoden ajan.

still left


Erikoiskahvit vuodeksi
500.00 €

Juo kaikkia kahvejamme vuoden ajan. Spesiaalitarjous.

still left