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Kumea Sound

Started 23.05.2013

Ended 30.06.2013

Kumea Sound on katumuusikko/äänitaiteilija Lauri Wuolion mietiskelevä ja kokeellinen rytmilevy, jonka keskiössä on harvinainen, syvällä resonoiva soitin. Albumi julkaistaan ensi syksynä sinun avullasi. Ala mesenaatiksi nyt & tue levyn tekemistä!

Kumea Sound is a meditative and experimental rhythm album by busker/sound artist Lauri Wuolio. The record unfolds around the deep acoustic sound of a rare 21st century instrument. Kumea Sound will be released next autumn with your help. Become a patron now & support the release!

I am an artist and a musician. Since 2011 I have performed on the streets in Helsinki and of cities around Finland and Europe. In the past my interest was in experimental electronic music, but I always longed for a more direct playing experience. As a busker I have found what was missing.

My music is at the same time meditative and experimental. I attempt to combine effortlessly flowing improvisation with an artisan’s mindset and craft. When I play, my songs are for the most part improvised — they are not linearly proceeding forms frozen in time, but living rhythmic weaves. They breathe and change from one moment to another. I believe that is why my music reaches deep in the listener. I am not a machine, that copy-pastes the same tunes over and over again.

In 2011 I became acquainted with a Russian instrument builder, who had the rare skill of building amazing instruments only a few had heard of. He invited me to visit his workshop and home, and during that trip I bought the instrument, that gave my music and — one could say — my life a new direction.

Cupolas (or handpans) are novel instruments that were invented in early 21st century in Switzerland. PANArt’s original creation, the Hang, proved itself a revolutionary instrument that spawned a rich subcultre around itself. The instrument, that takes its inspiration from the Trinidadian steelpans and various Asian percussion, awakens in the listener often a strong and mixed set of feelings, such as hope and longing. It is a new instrument, which, unlike many other contemporary musical inventions, does not lose its voice during an electricity blackout.


On Kumea Sound I combine my experience as a busker to my background as an experimental musician. I believe, that the result is a fresh and different combination of acoustic rhythms and experimental soundscapes. The mood of the album is meditative and reaching inwards, yet rough and ragged at the same time. My aim is to make honest music that resonates deep and catches the pulse of these days.

Alongside the cupolas, the record will also feature other beautiful and rare instruments, such as jouhikko, kantele, sitar and various world percussions and analog drum machines. Amazing musicians, such as David Kuckhermann, Ilkka Heinonen, Veli Peltonen, Karoliina Kantelinen and Eva Louhivuori will join me on some tracks. The producer Ercola will leave his sonic fingerprints on some of the tracks, and the sound artists Joonas Sirén and Elin Øyen Vister will contribute soundscapes originating from modular synths and the islands of northern Norway.

Kumea Sound is new music reflecting these times. It acknowledges the past, but reaches beyond the history to the present — to this moment, here, right now.


The album will be released in autumn 2013, but only with your help! Become a patron and support the release by claiming one of the perks. You may pre-order the album as a download, cd as a collectible special edition. Check out the list!


The minimum target of the campaign is 2000 €. It will cover the basic production of the album. If I reach 3000 €, I will hire a sonic ninja to mix and master the album for a a perfect sound.


You may read more about my work at my website More sound demos can be found on the Kumea Sound website at

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96 Funders

2590 € Goal 3000 €
Minimum goal 2000 €

 Campaign has ended 30.06.2013

Thank you

Kumea Sound

Lauri Wuolio (s. 1984), katumuusikko, äänitaiteilija




Kumea SOUND MEDITATION -paketti/package
50.00 €

Kumea -äänimeditaatio järjestetään kesällä 2013 rauhallisessa paikassa luonnon keskellä Helsingin lähellä. Äänimeditaatio on vakaumukseton ja perustuu äänitaiteilija Pauline Oliverosin syväkuuntelutekniikoihin. Osallistujilta ei vaadita aiempaa meditaatiokokemusta. Riittää kun haluaa oppia hiljentymään ja kuuntelemaan uudella tavalla! Osallistujia opastetaan kuuntelemaan musiikkia ja ympäristön ääniä koko keholla. Osallistujille lähetetään Kumea Soundin levy syksyllä 2013 levyn julkaisun jälkeen.

Kumea sound meditation will be held in summer 2013 in a calm natural place close to Helsinki. Sound meditation is non-religious and is based on deep listening practices developed by the sound artist Pauline Oliveros. No earlier meditation background is needed — only a will to quiet down and learn a new way of listening! The participants will be guided to listen to the music and environmental sounds with their whole body. The participants will recieve the Kumea Sound cd after its release in autumn 2013.

19 units left


Kumea YOGA -paketti/package
50.00 €

Koe joogan ja cupolan rentouttavat ja voimistavat vaikutukset yhdellä kertaa! Säestän akustisesti koulutetun joogaohjaajan vetämän tunnin, joka sisältää myös perusteellisen rentoutuksen. Cupolalla säestetty joogatunti sopii henkilöille, jotka ovat kiinnostuneita kehon ja mielen hyvinvoinnista. Osallistujat saavat myös Kumea Sound -cd:n postitse levyn julkaisun jälkeen. Joogatunnin ajankohta elokuu 2013.

Experience the relaxing and energizing effects of yoga at the same time! I will play acoustic background music to a yoga class directed by a trained yoga instructor. This package is for everyone interested in the wellbeing of body and mind. The participants will recieve also the Kumea Sound cd after its release in autumn 2013. The yoga lesson will be held in August 2013.

25 units left


1000.00 €

Tilaa Kumea Sound yksityiskeikalle ja jaa osallistujille ilmaisia levyjä! Järjestä ystävillesi tai yrityksellesi ikimuistoinen konsertti valitsemassasi paikassa (olohuone, ravintola, mökin rantakalliot…). Esiintymisaika heinäkuu 2013 - maaliskuu 2014. Paketti sisältää 10 cd-levyä, joiden toimitus tapahtuu syksyllä 2013 julkaisun jälkeen. Saatavilla vain Suomessa.

Book Kumea Sound for a private gig and give free albums to your audience! Organize an unforgettable event to your friends or company in your chosen location (living room, restaurant, summer cottage, beach...). Delivery in August 2013 - March 2014. The package includes 10 cd's, which will be delivered after the album release in autumn 2013. Available only in Finland.

5 units left