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Riiko Sakkinen’s Lamborghini Huracán

Started 23.10.14

Ends 24.12.14

Riiko Sakkinen does a readymade art work of Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 sports car. The artist needs funding for the purchase of the vehicle.

A hundred years ago the conceptual artist Marcel Duchamp declared urinals and bottle racks as works of art. Those works that shocked the art world and changed the whole concept of art were later raised on pedestals and placed in display cases in art museums.

Duchamp’s readymades were everyday objects in an era when the standard of living of the masses was rising rapidly. Today artist Riiko Sakkinen takes the readymade on the next level and builds his readymade of a top luxury product, during a time when the gap between the poor and the rich is unprecedentedly wide. Lamborghini Huracán sports car will be on artist’s daily use and can therefore be contemplated by the public in the streets and highways.

As a reward for the funders the artist offers his used and signed underwear from a limited and numbered 230 piece edition.

Become a patron of art * and join us to enable this unprecedented work of art!

* Patron of art means Mesenaatti in Finnish

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3 Funders

3300 € Goal 230000 €
Minimum goal 230000 €

 Campaign has ended 24.12.14


Riiko Sakkinen’s Lamborghini Huracán

Riiko Sakkinen is the founder of Turborealism, visual artist and dissident




Riiko Sakkisen käytetyt alushousut
1100.00 €

Riiko Sakkisen käyttämät valkoiset Tommy Hilfiger -alushousut, signeerattu ja numeroitu 1-230.

Riiko Sakkinen's used white Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs, signed and numbered 1-230.

227 units left