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Magic Violin –albumin julkaisu

Started 11.03.2016

Ended 15.05.2016

Magic Violin – album has a content reaching up to North, South, East and West. The themes and genres of the pieces of music included are divided into four sections, reflecting the ever changing character of the violin as an instrument adapted to varied cultural contexts. Be a patron of my campaign by supporting the Magic Violin-campaign, which also celebrates the 35 years anniversary of my musician’s career! My album brings you an exotic breeze from around the world.

I became attached to the violin from early childhood. Since then the instrument has followed me everywhere, finally ending up being my profession and highest ambition. My work trips have passed through the Egyptian Revolution and North Korea; I have played at gipsy camp fires in Russia and composed music at the roots of the Great Pyramids. I have had a unique chance to get to know different people, instruments and new ways of musical expression from around the world. It is amazing how flexibly violin suits to every country and its culture!

My life as a violinist has been a turmoil with different music projects, competitions, recordings and trips. I have been producing music to Finnish Gymnastic Events (Helsinki Ice Hall YLE 2, Nordic Evening of Gymnaestrada 14th July 2015), and been exposed in media from the context of rock- and festival concerts, the latest big event being the 50-yrs anniversary Gala Concert of Jari Sillanpää at Helsinki Olympic Stadion in 2015. I have worked also with Tarja Turunen, Paleface and concert organist Kalevi Kiviniemi – violin goes hand in hand with rap, pop and classical music as well!

I am facing now a fascinating challenge of my debute album Magic Violin, which brings up my 35-year- long career as a violinist. Because of the vast range of my music experience, the album is divided in four separate sections, articulated as four main directions of compass. The pieces played in the release – covers, traditional tunes and original compositions – take their form and content from different corners of the world, offering a window to violin music from opposite geographical and cultural environments. I have worked on these pieces together with the great cinema music composer, rock singer and music producer Samuli Laiho.

Magic Violin tells my story blending sensuous, dynamic and spicy musical features into an exciting cocktail. I can’t wait to deliver this spectrum to You!


I have been carving these pieces of music into my album step by step, aside the rest of the production and performance work. Five out of seven pieces have been completed during 2012-15. I have mainly financed the production by myself, while hiring a team of top professionals to do the recording and guest instrument parts. Sometimes the pieces have been born out of a client’s demand, i.e. the medley Under The North Star, which was used in festival performances of a top team from Olari Gymnastics Association, having won seven World Championship gold medals.

Now it is the time to wrap up the sleeves and complete the album by producing and recording the 3 unfinished pieces, and also to complete all the tasks included in the complex process of a CD publication. However, for this effort I am going to need Your help, dear music lover! I am facing two intensive months of production (March-April), after which the album will be complete. The biggest upcoming expenses will include the studio rent, costs of mixing & mastering and the printing of the CD itself. The campaign will be crowned by a live concert for the publishing event, taking place in Cafe PIRITTA on 14th May, when You have the chance to experience the Magic Violin going live!


By taking part into financing of the Magic Violin, You will be the one who helps to bring publicity and existence for cross over violin music, a less known music genre in Finland. You will enabling the continuity of my life long work as a musician. I will consequently strive to offer people inspiration from the world of violin, highlighting the importance of handmade music and its great value as a hobby as well as a profession, for everybody’s delight and benefit.
By becoming my patron You will encourage me to believe that may I not only complete my album, but also proceed later into publishing a pedagogical opus of violin, representing young students the unlimited and fascinating potential of the violin!

Once it’s finished, my album will function as my visit card to the world, bringing more audiences and more invitations to perform at music festivals and events. Additionally, the profit from the CD sales will support my life as a musician and enable me to continue my vocation as a music performer, producer and pedagogue.


There are quality items available according to the amount of your donation.
By taking part into financing the campaign, You will receive the album OR any other product/product package to your home by post. You have an interesting selection of fan products to choose form, i.e. postcards, mug or T-shirt with campaign logos and pics. In case of a CD – purchase, You will receive it before the official release date! If You desire to donate a bigger sum, you’re entitled for a private performance for your event! In case the minimum financial goal is not reached and therefore the album release remains undone, your donation will be returned back to You.

With the minimum goal of donations I will get the album released, and with the maximum goal I would also be able to cover the main costs of the publication concert. If the campaign does really well and exceeds the maximum goal, I would be able to pay myself a salary for part of my working hours included in the course of production.


You may listen to the only song from the album already published in Spotify as a single: “Siks’ oon mä suruinen” and follow up the process of Magic Violin production at its Facebook-page or in the blog of my site, which offers more in-depth information and background stories of each and every piece in the album!

Ask, encourage and discuss with others here.

45 Funders

1063 € Goal 3000 €
Minimum goal 1000 €

 Campaign has ended 15.05.2016

Thank you

Magic Violin –albumin julkaisu

Taikaviulun taitaja, kosmopoliitti karjalainen.

Olen Mervi Myllyoja, viulupedagogi ja freelancer viulisti. Työkseni opetan musiikkia ja esiinnyn yksityistilaisuuksissa ja festivaaleilla, säestäen usein suomalaisia ja ulkomaalaisia artisteja heidän levyillään ja live-keikoillaan.

Olen julkaissut musiikkivideoita (Ya El Medan, 57000 views) ja sinkun (Merilyn/Siks’ oon mä suruinen), joka sisältyy myös tulevaan albumiini. Se löytyy iTunesista ja Spotifysta.




MAGIC VIOLIN-postikorttisarja MAGIC VIOLIN-postcard-pack (5)
10.00 €

MAGIC VIOLIN-postikorttisarja solmittuna nimikoidulla nauhalla. Upea kokoelma artistin promokuvia, valokuvaajina huippuvalokuvaajat Lawrence Dolkart, Jari Kivelä, Heidi Noponen ja Robert Frost. Toimitusaika 10 arkipäivää ostopäivästä. Kaikki tuotteet myydään ALV 0 %.
MAGIC VIOLIN- postcard pack signed with a cute ribbon. A magnificent collection of artist's portraits photographed by top photographers Lawrence Dolkart, Jari Kivelä, Heidi Noponen and Robert Frost. Delivery within 10 working days from the purchase. All products are sold free of VAT.

20 units left


Kahvi/teemuki / Coffee/teamug
18.00 €

Jämäkkä ja laadukas kahvimuki logolla ja kuvalla. Toimitusaika 10 arkipäivää ostopäivästä. Kaikki tuotteet myydään ALV 0 %.
Steady and nice coffeemug with a logo and photo print. Delivery within 10 working days from the purchase. All products are sold free of VAT.

35 units left


MERVI-meikkilaukku / MERVI-make-up bag
18.00 €

Tyylikäs sisätaskullinen meikkilaukku. Laadukas kangaspinta. 2 vaihtoehtoa eri värillä/kuvalla. Toimitusaika 16 arkipäivää ostopäivästä. Kaikki tuotteet myydään ALV 0 %.
A neat zip-pocket for make up and cosmetics. Inside pockets. Quality fabric surface. 2 choices with different color/picture. Delivery within 16 working days from the purchase. All products are sold free of VAT.

19 units left


25.00 €

CD omistuskirjoituksella. Digifile-tyyppinen pahvikotelo, jonka sisällä levy ja sisällyslehdykkä. Lähetetään haluamaasi osoitteeseen. Kaikki tuotteet myydään ALV 0 %.
CD with a dedication signature. A digifile cardboard case including the disc and separate content page. To be sent in to your desired address. All products are sold free of VAT.

410 units left


TAIKAVIULU-CD + postikortit / MAGIC VIOLIN-CD + postcards
32.00 €

CD omistuskirjoituksella ja MAGIC VIOLIN-postikorttisarja solmittuna nimikoidulla nauhalla. Tuotepaketti toimitetaan haluamaasi osoitteeseen. Kaikki tuotteet myydään ALV 0 %.
CD with a dedication signature and MAGIC VIOLIN-postcard pack with a signed ribbon. Product package will be delivered to your desired address. All products are sold free of VAT.

17 units left


CD, meikkilaukku ja muki / CD, makeup bag and mug
56.00 €

CD omistuskirjoituksella, MERVI - meikkilaukku ja kahvimuki. Tuotepaketti toimitetaan ennen albumin virallista julkaisupäivää. Kaikki tuotteet myydään ALV 0 %.
CD with a dedication signature, MERVI - make-up bag and coffeemug. Product package will be delivered before the official release date of the album. All products are sold free of VAT.

24 units left


249.00 €

Taikapaketti on maaginen musiikkipläjäys Sinulle, joka haluat musiikkitunnin itsellesi tai lapsellesi ja lisäksi pienoiskonsertin sisältäen Taikaviulun kappaleita! Noin tunnin sessio mahtuu mukavasti hieman väljempään arki-iltaan tai vaikka viikonlopun erityisohjelmaksi. Musiikkitunnin speksit sovitaan puhelimitse tilauksen tekemisen jälkeen. Ideana on että musiikkitunti on yleisluontoinen (tarvittaessa kuitenkin viulu tai piano) ja konserttiosuus toimii inspiraationa musiikin harjoitteluun. Kokonaisuutta höystää hauska Taikaviulu-muki. Matkat Suur-Helsingin alueelle matkakorvauksitta. Toimitus erikseen sovittuna ajankohtana. Kaikki tuotteet myydään ALV 0 %.

Magic Pack is a magical music surprise for You, who desire a music lesson for Yourself or your kids and a mini-concert on top including pieces from Magic Violin-album! This session of 60 mins duration is fit for a cozy weekday evening or as a special weekend programme. The specs of the lesson will be agreed upon in phone after the order has been made. Magic Pack serves as a general music lesson (could be also taylored for violin or piano) and the concert part for inspiration to music practicing. The session comes with a Magic Violin mug. Available within the Greater Helsinki area without travel costs. Travel costs. Delivery to be agreed upon separately. All products are sold free of VAT.

still left


450.00 €

Viulu+Kitara duo, joka loihtii Taikaviulun kappaleet eloon olohuoneessasi tai isommassakin tilassa. Akustinen tai vahvistettu (jos PA löytyy kohteesta) setti on mainio, kultturelli mutta veikeä väriläiskä kutsuille, vastaanottoon tai vaikka lahjaksi ystävälle.
Violin+Guitar duet, that brings alive the pieces of Magic Violin-album to your living room or another milieu. Acoustic or amplified set (if PA from the host) is an excellent, sophisticated but entertaining highlight for a party, reception or functions as a present for a friend.

still left