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Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale Story

Started 03.01.2016

Ended 31.03.2016

I am looking for startup capital for export and international growth for Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale brand to share my Finnish Fairytale story with the whole world.


Fashion designer Mai Niemi is a storyteller and cultural designer who has created a unique and holistic fashion concept and stories, represented by the Finnish Fairytale brand and IAMMAI concept. IAMMAI is a unique and sustainable fashion concept with a Finno-Ugric and Scandinavian roots, lifestyle and exoticism. Its stories combine the worlds, East and West, practicality and fantasy, the local and the global. It is the story and the values ​​to which everyone can identify with anywhere in the world. It is therefore no wonder that the Finnish Fairytale is interesting internationally. Finnish Fairytale is also living and mosern cultural heritage that combines in different ages and eras. It is modern folklore and folkcostume to express one´s roots.

Mai Niemi is named the Fairy Godmother of Finland, because she is constantly working on uplifting women, ancient history of Finland and Finnish epic Kalevala and in helping people to maintain their nature connection with her fashion and combining Finnish design and tourism to also generate jobs.

IAMMAI concept and the Finnish Fairytale brand

Finnish Fairytale clothes and accessories are one size as in the folk costumes, so they can fit all sizes. They are timeless and suitable for all ages, all seasons and events, trips, nature weddings …. they are social invention that live in the wearer’s life transforming n as needed with different parts of the collection. They can be used to renew and enliven the existing clothes. They solve the problem: Closet full of clothes (black) and nothing to wear. Mai Niemi’s knitwear pamper your body forms and help women to accept their bodies and themselves as unique increasing self confidence.

Mai Niemi’s fashion is also suitable for the Role -and Cosplay dress.

It is a creative and joyful self-expression, modern forest fashion, which at the same time is empowering and boosts up self-confidence in a natural way. IAMMAI is also designed for sensitive individuals, who can sense the energies contained in the garment. The nature´s shapes, colors and symbolism in them have a positive impact to the mind and they nurture body space increasing body comfort. In addition, they help to maintain contact with nature.
If you alienate from nature, you alienate from yourself, say the Wise.

We in Finland we know this and that is what I want to tell you from Finland, amomg other miraculous things. I have lived and studied in England for many years and I see Finland with a foreigner´s eyes.

The Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale concept store is located at Senate Square in Helsinki at the Finnish Fairytale shop, Katariinankatu 4 b, FI-00170 Helsinki

Finnish Fairytale Fair Tale values

All our products are locally handmade in Finland with Love to support local women entrepreurship and to create jobs. I have a strong vision of soft, genuine and lasting values, which are already, and will be the new fair trade values in the world. My designs are timeless and lasting and I use most natural materials that decompost in nature, like wool which is the most ecological material. It grows by itself with little water, the animal does not lose life for it. Wool breathes on the skin and keeps body temperature even. Wool repels dirt and products made of wool need fewer washes.

Finnish Fairytale is growing international


Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale is of particular interest in China and the USA, where we have already done groundwork for some time. Finnish Fairytale also appeals to children. This spring, in March, is held a large European children’s fashion review in Hangzou and Nanijing and Mai Niemi from Finland have been invited to present her fashion to the Chinese kids. My goal is to be part in this European children fashion event and the new online web portal. In Shanghai there is already one Mai Niemi retailer, sustainable fashion store, to present my collections there. Also, autumn, Mai Niemi is invited to to participate a Finland event in Shanghai. I will participate to these events with this funding. The Mai Niemi brand is registered in China.


is my second target country, which is equally enthusiastic about Mai Niemi’s fashions. My roots are also there, and a big part of my family lives in USA. My grandfather was for 30 years a gold miner in Alaska. We have paved the way now for three years in the US market with local partners: In 2013 Mai Niemi was invited to lecture in New York`s Fashion Institute of Technology. Mai Niemi has also appeared in the BBS Radio show Reach for it and Cristo Bowers Amazing People Show in 2015. My first wearable art exhibition was in Philadephia Museum of Art and Craft show in 2006. My partner in New York is ready to start development and marketing work as soon as we receive concrete action funding. All this I have achieved alone with the supporting encouragement of my network and friends, but now I need a larger support to benefit in the future the entire world.

The challenges of a small business internationalization

Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale fashion interests the world and I am constantly offered opportunities that I want to grasp. Unfortunately, many good opportunity has passed, because it has been hard to get funding for small businesses run by women presenting also soft values for growth and internationalization in Finland. The problem is the small size of the company with too few resources, and the whole funding system in Finland. The truth is that no matter how talented, a good idea or invention you have, without money it can not be offered to the world.

In addition, in Finland, funding can only be received afterwards and with self funding beforehand with own start-up capital. It is an impossible task to design art and handicrafts entrepreneur. This will require assistance of private sponsors and business angels.

How finance will help?

With your help I can hire the expertise and knowhow what I do not have myself: to systematize the concept, to tell stories digitally, make a Finnish Fairytale game, to increase production and to obtain the best ecological materials, to improve my graphic identity and marketing materials, packaging, to buy time for the development and design, to recruit a key employee and agent to handle exports and marketing. I have set up a goal for 5000 euros, but I will need to raise 25 000 € to get Finnish government funding and for all of this to happen and. I am utterly grateful of all the assitance you can give for my long time dream to come true.

Once upon a Time

by Global Blue on Mai Niemi

Fairy tales have long formed part of the Scandinavian psyche, inspired in no small part by the landscapes of Finland and other Nordic countries. And while their magic may have waned in the 21st century, a raft of taste-makers and contemporary fashion designers are keeping their spirit alive.

“Finland is a magical land of forests and thousands of lakes. Nature is always close, and Finnish artists have always been inspired by its beauty”, says Mai Niemi, the designer behind the fashion label Finnish Fairytale. “The fairy world is a great source of inspiration for me. Finnish mythology is intertwined with that of the Vikings and Celts, and with the Scandinavian sagas. Our country ́s culture of story-telling even inspired J.R.R. Tolkien in creating The Lord of the Rings”.

It is easy to see something of the ethereal, Tolkien-esque elfin queen in Mai Niemi ́s designs.

After studying fashion at London ́s Central St.Martin`s College of Art, Mai Niemi returned to Helsinki and carved out a career conjuring up whimsical, flowing and feminine pieces that alude to Norse heritage. Intricate braiding and beadwork, trailing hemlines, fringing and elements of nature, from feathers to pieces of wood, are all worked in her designs. “Fairies like to dance, move, play and of course dress up”, she says with a smile in reference to the procession of forest nymphs in saturated saffron, tangerine and olive tones that she deputed for this autumn/winter. “I ́d like to think of what I do is also a kind of role-play fashion to express fantasies”.

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3 Funders

115 € Goal 10000 €
Minimum goal 5000 €

 Campaign has ended 31.03.2016

Thank you

Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale Story




Business enkeli -kortti, Business angel card
10.00 €

Kiitos Business enkelini!
Mai Niemen henkilökohtaisella allekirjoituksella varustettu kortti joka antaa sinulle siivet.
Thank you my business Angel! This card will give you your angel wings. Signed by Mai Niemi.

100 units left


Mai Niemi design lahjakortti, Mai Niemi Gift card
10.00 €

Lahja kortti käy sekä Mai Niemi nettikauppaan, että Helsingin Finnish Fairytale Shoppiin.
Yhden lahjakortin hinta on 10 € ja voit tilata niin monta kuin haluat.
Valid in Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale Shop in Helsinki and online shop.
One card is worth 10 € and you can order as many as required.

50 units left


Hyvän mielen Ruusu kortti, Good Spirit Rose card
10.00 €

Hyvän mielen Ruusu on myös Hyvän Onnen Sampo, jonka esikuva tulee Kalevalasta. Ruusu toimii Sammon lailla sydänenergialla. Sen voi pukea ylleen kohottamaan mielentilaa ja aktivoimaan hyvää onnea. Se piristää tylsää asua tai asustetta. Sen voi lähettää myös piristystä tarvitsevalle ystävälle. Kortin etupuolelle on kiinnitetty Ruusu rintaneula ja kortin takaa löytyy Mai Niemen Sampo ruusu runo suomeksi ja englanniksi. Värin voit valita numeroidusta ruusuympyrästä.

Good Spirit Rose card is also a Good luck Sampo, which according to Kalevala is the source of wealth and abundance. It works with heart energy. You can wear it to cheer up a dull garment, to activate good luck and bring love. You can send this card to a friend who needs cheering up or luck. In the front sideof the card is the Rose pin and on the back side of the card, you find an activating poem by Mai Niemi. You can choose your favourite color from the numbered Rose circle. Affirmation: Love makes the world go round.

1000 units left


Ruusu säde heijastin, Rose ray reflector
15.00 €

Nyt nainen näkyy! on Ruusu säde heijastimen kampanja slogan. Se on tarkotettu naisille ja tytöille näkymään paremmin. Ruusuosassa ja sädeosassa on käytetty heijastin lankaa. Kiinnitys hakaneulalla takkin, laukkuun, päähineeseen. Se on myös kaunis koru, joka kertoo,, että tuet naiseutta ja naisyrittäjyyttä.
Värit: pinkki. fuchsia, turkoosi, valkoinen, smaragdi, punainen.
Now a woman is seen! is the campaign slogan expressed by this item. It is for women and girls to be seen in the traffic in the dark time. It is made of reflecting yarn. Fasten with safety pin to a coat, hat, bag..It is also a beautiful brooch that with which you can express that you support women and women entreprenurship. Colors: Pink, fuchsia, turquoise, white, emerald green, red.

500 units left


City Shamaani hiuslenkki
15.00 €

City Shamaani hiuslenkki on villainen hiusten ystävä: kiinnittyy vähäiseenkin hiustupsuun ja hoitaa hiusta samalla. Siitä saa upeita kampauksia. Niinkuin kaikki Mai Niemi design, niin tämäkin asuste aktivoi luovuutta. City Shamaania on on käytetty rannekoruna, lasten unisiepparina, tuliaispullon koristeena..
Saatavana jokaisen lempiväri: Pinkki, Kalevala, feenix, violetti, metsän vihreä, punainen, turkoosi, puuteri, royal, ruskea, valkea ja kulta. City Shaman hairband is a perfect solution for Bad hair day. It is a woolen friend of hair: it stays even in a faint hair bundle and cares for hair at the same time. You can make exquisite hair dos with it and it is, as all Mai Niemi design, a creativity enhancer. It has been used as bracelet, dream catcher, bottle decoration..Choose your color: Pink, Kalevala mix, phoemix, violet, forest green, red, turquoise, powder, royal, brown, white, gold.

199 units left


City Shamaani köynnös, City Shaman garland
25.00 €

Moni-ilmeinen kevyt asuste kaulalle, vyötärölle, hiuksiin, pika muinaispuvuksi..luovasti.
Villa 75%, akryyli 25 %, väreinä valkoinen, ruskea, royal ja punainen.
Multiface light accessorie for neck, waist, hair, quick ancient costume..use creatively. Wool 75%, acryl 25%. Colors: white, brown, royal, red.

20 units left


Siemen korvakoru, Seed earring
30.00 €

Kylvetään yhdessä siemen, jolla Finnish Fairytale tarina kasvaa isoksi muotipuutarhaksi.
Värit kulta, hopea, punainen ja puuteri. Materiaalit puu, puuvilla, pellava tai lurex ja hopeoitu tai kullattu Green Point koukku (kirurgin terästä).
Lets plant a seed together to make the Finnish Fairytale grow into a big fashion garden. Colors: gold, silver, red, powder. Materials used: cotton/linen or lurex, silver coated Green point hook, made of surgeon steel.

15 units left


Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale Lahjakortti.
30.00 €

Lahja kortti käy sekä Mai Niemi nettikauppaan, että Helsingin Finnish Fairytale Shoppiin.
Yhden lahjakortin hinta on 30 € ja voit tilata niin monta kuin haluat.
Valid in Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale Shop in Helsinki and online shop.
One card is worth 30 € and you can order as many as required.

50 units left


Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale Lahjakortti
50.00 €

Lahja kortti käy sekä Mai Niemi nettikauppaan, että Helsingin Finnish Fairytale Shoppiin.
Yhden lahjakortin hinta on 50 € ja voit tilata niin monta kuin haluat.
Valid in Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale Shop in Helsinki and online shop.
One card is worth 50 € and you can order as many as required.

48 units left


Mini taikavaatekaappi, Mini Magic Wardrobe
150.00 €

Mai Niemen mini taikavaatekaappi sisältää juuri ne tuotteet, joilla voi asustaa ja uudista sekä itsesi, että vanhat vaatteesi: Auringonkukka kaulus, City Shamaani käynnös ja heimorannekeet, Marjatta korvakorut sekä Hyvän mielen Ruusu.Valmistaudu olemaan näkyvä! Valittavana värit Myytti, naava, fuchsia ja metsän vihreä.
Mai´s Magic Mini Wardrobe includes just those accessories with which you can accessorize and renew yourself as well as your existing clothes and wardrobe: Sunflower collar, City Shaman garland and tribal bracelets, Marjatta earrings and a Good spirit Rose. Prepare to be visible! You will be seen and admired wearing these. You can choose from these color choices: Myth, bark, fuchsia and forest green.

30 units left


Viikinki neito setti, Viking maiden set.
250.00 €

Mini moderni muinaispuku, jossa jokaista asua ja asustetta voi käyttää myös erikseen. Yhden koon Kalevala pelleriini (arvo 145 €), Kalevala köynnös (25 €) ja heimokkeet (35 €), Louhi seitti (55 €). Mai Niemen asut ja asuteet sopivat hyvin myös lahjaksi, koska ne sopivat kaiken kokoisille. Mini modern ancient folk costume in which all items can also we worn separately. Kalevala pellerine, garland and tribal manchettes, Louhi web.Perfect also as a gift as all Mai Niemi garments are one size.

5 units left


Business enkeli asu, Business angel outfit.
300.00 €

Haluatko olla minun nimikko enkelini? Voit olla se ostamalla tämä kuvan asukokonaisuuden?
Se koostuu Neljän tuulen turkoosista ponchosta, valkoisesta Louhi seitistä, turkooseista Metsän neito rannekkeista ja valko turkoosista Ruusulinja asusteesta.
Do you want to be my personal angel by purchasing this combination? It contains of one size Four wind poncho, white Louhi web, turquoise Forest nympf wrist warmers and white light turquoise Rose line tiara belt.

5 units left


Vapauta sisäinen kauneutesi päivä - Sleeping Beauty fashion Day
500.00 €

Muotitaiteilija ja fengshui pukeutumiskonsultti Mai Niemen henkilökohtainen workshop. Mai auttaa sinua herättämään kehosi, vaputtamaan sisäisen kauneutesi ja löytämään oman tyylisi. Hintaan kuuluu oma, syntymäaikasi mukaan tehty fengshui elementtikartta ja sen mukainen pukeutumis opastus sekä yksi vapaavalintainen Mai Niemi design. Täydellinen syntymäpäivälahja!
Mai Niemi´s privite fengshui fashion day wakes up your body, frees your inner beauty and helps to find your personal style. Individual feng shui fashion advisory according to your birth chart. One free choice of Mai´s collection. Perfect Birthday present!

5 units left


Sisäinen ja ulkoinen kauneus workshop
1500.00 €

Herätä kehosi ja vapauta sisäinen kauneutesi work shop.
Workshopissa opitaa luovaa itseilmaisua joka tapahtuu käytännön ja omakohtaisen kokemuksen ja elämyksen kautta. Mai Niemi opastaa sinut "ulos vanhasta vaatekaapistasi" uuteen päivitettyyn tyliisi, ja minääsi, jossa viihdyt. Interaktiivinen tapahtuma pienryhmille esim. työyhteisö, ystäväpiiri.
Todellinen löytöretki ei ole uusien alueiden etsimistä, vaan kykyä katsoa uusin silmin -Marcel Proust

2 units left