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Antti Nylén: Paita – The Shirt

Started 14.10.2014

Ended 27.11.2014

Morrissey’s shirt from 1984 – now a book!

The author of the book, essayist Antti Nylén, is a well-known Morrissey fanatic in Finland, but also a devout amateur photographer, specialized in old analog processes.

His next book will be a photo book, and it is in need of funding.

IN THE BOOK, 87 PEOPLE appear wearing the same polyester shirt Morrissey wore, when The Smiths played live in Seinäjoki, Finland, in June 1984.

It was a special concert. It was probably the northest gig the band ever did, and also one of the few Smiths gigs Morrissey describes in detail in his Autobiography (2013): ”I recall standing at the lip of the stage as if dragged from a river, the microphone slipping out of my hand, and no one around to caution how rain and electricity are deadly components to the overheated flesh.”

Antti Nylén gave the shirt a new life, and photographed all those Morrissey fans (mostly Finnish) in August 2014, in Helsinki, on 35mm black and white film.

The portraits will make a book, which will – hopefully! – be released in the winter/spring of 2015.

The project comments on fandom, identity, and corporeality as central elements of the ‘Moz cult.’

Will any other living pop star actually inspire 87 people to do something this silly?

In addition, the book considers some more theoretical issues on photography in general, and film pohotography in particular, i.e. its alleged ability to ‘capture’ something of the thing being photographed. Morrissey’s old shirt evidently, somehow, ‘radiates,’ but will this radiation be seen in the pictures?

And whose shirt it actually is, now, after all?


THE TITLE OF THE BOOK IS Paita – The Shirt (it has a minimal amount of text, but everything will be in English too). The book will be published by Savukeidas.

A photo book is significantly more expensive to produce than a book containing text only. Because the author works with analog materials, the original photos (black and white silver gelatine prints) need to be digitally reproduced for the book. Tuomo-Juhani Vuorenmaa, a specialist in professional photography publishing, will take care of this.

Book design will be done by Jorma Hinkka, a graphic designer and a long-standing photographic art enthusiast.


YOU CAN FUND THE PROJECT and purchase the book in advance by pledging 45 € via crowdfunding site. The book will be posted once it is published (in the winter/spring of 2015). The sum (45 €) includes VAT and postage to any country. This is the only funding option available to international funders.

If you live in Finland, you can choose other funding options too, which include postage to Finnish addressess.

By funding 25 € you get the book, but numbered (from 61 to 260) and signed by the author.

With 40 € you get the book (numbered from 41 to 60) and an email invitation to the book launch party, which will take place in Helsinki in 2015 (when the book is released).

By supporting us with 60 € or 75 € you will get the book (numbered from 1 to 20 and 21 to 40), and a series of colour photographs, hand made by the author in RA-4 colour process. The three 9×12 cm photos in the series are closeups of the Shirt itself, and the series are numbered from 1 to 40. The 75 € option includes an email invitation to the book launch party, which will take place in Helsinki in winter/spring of 2015.

Thank you for your interest!

The author’s short photo blog entry on the project

Ask, encourage and discuss with others here.

101 Funders

3615 € Goal 6000 €
Minimum goal 2000 €

 Campaign has ended 27.11.2014

Thank you

Antti Nylén: Paita – The Shirt

Antti Nylén (b. 1973) is an essayist and a literary translator, amateur of analog photography and the biggest Morrissey fan in Finland. He lives and works in Helsinki.

His next book, to be published in the early 2015, will not contain any essays, or any text at all. It is all about photography and Morrissey.

Paita – The Shirt is a community art project, with a book as its main ‘outcome’. In the book, 87 different people appear wearing the same shirt Morrissey wore when The Smiths played live in Finland in June 1984.

”It is love, not rock stardom.” Morrissey



Paita – The Shirt -kirja
25.00 €

Numeroitu (nrot 61–260) ja signeerattu Paita – The Shirt -kirja Suomeen postitettuna. Sis. ALV 10 %.

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Paita – The Shirt -kirja ja julkkarikutsu
40.00 €

Numeroitu (nrot 41–60) ja signeerattu Paita – The Shirt -kirja Suomeen postitettuna ja sähköpostitse kutsu julkaisubileisiin. Sis. ALV 10 %.

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Paita – The Shirt photo book
45.00 €

The funder will receive Antti Nylén’s photo book Paita – The Shirt once it has been released. The sum includes VAT (10 %) and postage to any country.

49 units left


Paita – The Shirt -kirja ja vedossarja
60.00 €

Numeroitu (nrot 21–40) ja signeerattu Paita – The Shirt -kirja ja kolmen 9x12 cm kuvan värivedossarja Suomeen postitettuna. Kirja 25 € sis. ALV 10 %, vedossarja 35 € sis. alv 24 %.

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Paita – The Shirt -kirja, vedossarja ja julkkarikutsu
75.00 €

Numeroitu (nrot 1–20) ja signeerattu Paita – The Shirt -kirja ja kolmen 9x12 cm kuvan värivedossarja Suomeen postitettuna sekä sähköpostitse kutsu julkaisubileisiin. Kirja ja kutsu 40 € sis. ALV 10 %, vedossarja 35 € sis ALV 24 %.

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