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We are building two flea market web services

Started 16.3.2015

Ended 14.4.2015

Siivouspäivä, Cleaning Day, is a Finnish social innovation. With the aid of a map-based web service, thousands of people put their flea market stands all over the public space; and hundreds of thousands others go shopping, and everyone has a great day. But we urgently need a new website for the next Cleaning Day on 23.5. And we are asking for help in funding it.

We are bunch of people who have started an event, and a community, called Cleaning Day, in Finland. The actual event takes place two times a year. Thousands of people go all over the streets and parks and open up their own flea market stands. They mark them all on the Cleaning Day website. Then everyone else, hundreds of thousands of people, browse the stands on using that website, and go shopping. In general, it is just a very fun day.

Cleaning Day is also a 50 000 strong Facebook community, a media about recycling and ecological lifestyles, and a phenomena.

Here it is on a video in English.

And here are the instructions on how to do it in Your country.

Cleaning Day started in Finland in spring 2012, from a simple Facebook status update by a woman desperate to get rid of all of that extra stuff (basically her husband’s) around her home. She had no idea that this post would take fire as it did: after just one day thousands of people were already organizing a recycling event called Cleaning Day, and in two days it was already in the news. Someone volunteered to do a web service, someone else did the illustrations and logo’s, et cetera. It’s been a social movement, actually.

The first Cleaning Day took place on May 2012. Nowadays, Cleaning Day takes place twice a year, on the last full week of May on Saturday and on the last Saturday of August. Cleaning Day will be next organised on May 24th 2014.

The Crises

Okay, so it has been all great so far. We accidentally started a phenomenon, got the whole country out to the streets, got tens of thousands Facebook fans – and just, basically, had a lot of fund out there milling and shopping with just lots of nice people.

But: what started as a social movement with a lot of pro bono activities, is now too big to stay that way. The web service cannot handle the traffic anymore. So, during the past three Cleaning Days, the website has crashed on the precise moment when shoppers are opening it to go looking for some excellent secondhand finds on the Cleaning Day moment. It is so sad, really: so many people have their stands ready, and since nobody can find the information about their stand, nobody comes. We are so sorry, everyone!

Which is why we definitely need a new web service. It is a rather complex and heavy web service where sellers mark their stands and give a little bit info on what they are offering, and where shoppers can see where to go. It is essential to the Cleaning Day experience. We need it.

If this crowdfunding doesn’t succeed, we will have to go with the existing site. No need to be a be a psychic to know what will happen.

This is our Offer to You

1. Making it GLOBAL

Yeah, we are going to do an English language version of the site, with options for additional languages! Yeah, you can seize the moment and start doing it too!

2. Making it EVERYDAY

Okay, this is another idea: we are going to launch another thing called Cleaning Day Everyday. It is a web service where people can mark all kinds of flea market events: in the parks, at schools, fairs – and at homes! Yes, can you see this could turn into an all new piece of urban culture, with people hosting fun shopping events in their apartments, and we would all get to go to other people’s homes? This, plus the increase in all kinds of relaxed flea market themed get togethers in the parks and neighborhoods. Who doesn’t love a market atmosphere? This time with no ecological harm. So be in it!

Support us!

We think this is a chance for you too. So please help us with this website, and you will not regret! We now have an offer of circa 6000€ for the programming for the Cleaning Day website. With some 1000€ extra we get some other cool features. And, as with programming projects usually, some problem will appear, and we should be ready to put in another 1000€. And then there are maintenance and server payments for some 1500€. So our minimum sum is 9500€. And it is also the actual goal. Surely we would love to raise more, and make the web service even better, plus do more paid marketing for the event – but this is just about enough to turn on the programmers.

It can be done. You decide!


  1. Your name on the funders list on the new web service and coffee at our office * 5 euros
  2. Support membership for our association Yhteismaa for 2015 & coffee & name on the list * 20 euros
  3. Star Seller – a special sign on the Cleaning Day map service, a Star Seller poster to display on Cleaning Day at your post, and presentation of all star sellers on our Facebook page before the next Cleaning Day, and name on the funders list on the web site    * 25 euro
  4. 50% discount in Fida secondhand stores for clothes until the 23.5. with no maximum purchase limit * 40 euros
  5. Dinner Under the Sky on the 6th of August 2015, tables, chairs, linen, dishes, everything ready for you outside in public space, and some entrees; you can bring main dishes for the common table  * 30 euros
  6. Your company logo and link on the funder’s page forever   * 500 euros

Help us with other means than money

Crowdfunding cannot succeed if people don’t find out about the project. Without big capital, the only way there is only one way for them to know: people share the message.  It is just as valuable for you to help spread the word than it is for you to be a funder. This is how you can help.

  1. Tell about this campaign in Facebook. Twitter and other social media that you use. Remember to include the direct link to this campaign page. If you know nice people who might be interested in the project, approach them and invite them along.
  2. Tell about the campaign to companies or organizations you are involved with; they do have a great opportunity to join people and gain great visibility with very modest costs. Challenge them!
  3. Tell EVERYONE about this crowdfunding campaign!

Here are some pics for the dessert, yam!

Ask, encourage and discuss with others here.

683 Funders

11670 € Goal 9500 €
Minimum goal 9500 €

 Campaign has ended 14.4.2015

Thank you

We are building two flea market web services

Cleaning Day is facilitated by a non-profit called Yhteismaa ( Common Ground). The association is also behind, e.g. neighborhood social media Nifty Neighbor, Dinner under the Sky, Gallery Wednesdays, Living Room Exhibitions...

Come and visit to learn more!




Kannatusjäsenyys 2015 & nimi nettisaitille & kahvit
20.00 €

Tiesitkö, että Siivouspäivän mahdollistaa sinulle Yhteismaa ry? Saat kannatusjäsenyyden vuodelle 2015, nimesi rahoittajalistaan ja kahvit toimistollamme. Jäsenyys ei sido sinua mihinkään.

Support membership for our association Yhteismaa for 2015 & coffee & name on the list

still left


Alennuskortti 50% mihin tahansa Fidaan!
40.00 €

Alennuskortti käy vaatteisiin kaikissa Fida-myymälöissä ja on voimassa Siivouspäivään 23.5.2015 asti. Yksi kertaostos, ei yläostorajaa! Saat myös nimesi Siivouspäivän rahoittajalistaan uudessa nettipalvelussa.

Lähimmän Fidan löydät täältä: Ostamalla Fidasta olet myös mukana auttamassa maailman köyhimpiä lapsia ja nuoria.

50% discount for Fida secondhand stores for clothes until the 23.5. with no maximum purchase limit

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Logo ja linkki Siivouspäivän nettisivulle
250.00 €

Tule mukaan rakentamaan yhteisöllistä ja ekologista maailmaa!

Tue Siivouspäivää ja sijoitamme yrityksesi, järjestösi tai kaupunkisi logon ja linkin nettisivullesi Siivouspäivän rahoittajasivun ylälaitaan.

Lisäksi esittelemme edustamasi tahon Siivouspäivän Facebook-sivulla jolla on jo noin 50 000 tykkääjää. Postaamme haluamasi kuvan ja laitamme linkin sivullesi.

Mitä enää odotat?! Rahoita heti, tai pistä mailia ja tilaa lasku.

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Illallinen Helsingin taivaan alla
30.00 €

Paikka pöydästämme illallisella Helsingin taivaan alle, 6. elokuuta 2015. Katamme pöydän, roudaamme, hommamme liinat ja posliinit, tarjoamme ihanaa alkuruokaa ja hauskaa seuraa. Sinä voit tuoda juomaa ja jotain yhteiseen pääruokapöytään.
Nimesi Siivouspäivän rahoittajasivulle.

Dinner Underneath the Helsinki Sky on the 6th of August 2015. We shall bring the tables and benches, tablecloths and porcelain, and wonderful starters. You can bring drink and some main dishes on the common table. Your name on the funders list on the new web service.

16 units left


25.00 €

Myyntipisteesi merkitetään muista erottuvalla merkillä uuden nettipalvelun kartalle. Esittelemme putiikkisi Siivouspäivän Facebook-sivulla. Tähtimyyjän juliste postitse käyttöösi Siivouspäivän pisteessäsi. Nimesi rahoittajalistalle nettipalveluun.

Your Cleaning Day sales spot marked with a special sign on the map, a Star Seller poster for your sales spot delivered to you, presentation of all Star Sellers on our FB page, and your name on the funders list.

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Nimi nettisaitille & kahvit
5.00 €

Tuet Siivouspäivää, olet myös tahansa tervetullut toimistollemme kahville ja nimesi kaiverretaan ikuisiksi ajoiksi Siivouspäivän uuden nettisivun rahoittajalistaan. Saa ostaa yhden tai monta kappaletta. Tarjolla myös teetä.

Your name on the list on the new web service, coffee at our office.

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Yhteismaan joukkoistamiskoulutus
100.00 €

Me Yhteismaassa olemme erikoistuneet yhteisölliseen kaupunkikulttuuriin, yhdessä tekemiseen ja sosiaaliseen mediaan. Sen sijaan, että tekisimme asioita yksin, voimme saada niin paljon enemmän aikaa toimimassa yhdessä ja avoimesti.

Nyt sinulla on mahdollisuus sekä mahdollistaa Siivouspäivän uudet nettisivut että oppia itse samalla uutta yhteisöllisestä tekemisestä ja somesta. Tule mukaan yksin tai vaikka koko duuniporukan voimin.

Koulutuksen kesto on 2 tuntia ja se sisältää luento- ja keskusteluosuuden. Joukkoistamisekoulutus järjestetään Helsingissä ma 25.5. sekä tarvittaessa ke 27.5. Koulutuksen hinta on 100 € / hlö.

Nimi/yrityksen nimi rahoittajalistaan uuteen nettipalveluun

Pyydä tarvittaessa lasku

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