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Steorn’s “never-die-battery” research & documentary project

Started 12.11.2015

Ended 1.8.2016

We are looking for a funding to our research project. Our goal is to find out how Steorn "free energy device" works. We are collaborating here with researchers from Aalto University, Finland.

Steorn is a small engineering company based in Dublin, Ireland who in the course of working with magnets for operating security cameras noticed an anomaly that they could not understand. Further research led them to conclude that it was possible to extract an energy gain from certain types of magnetic interactions, and that this gain could be turned into useful energy. They named this energy production technology Orbo.

The implications of this are monumental. What types of machinery and technologies could be powered by Orbo? The possibilities reach as far as the imagination. So what if Steorn is breaking the laws of physics?

In August 2006, Steorn published an advertisement in the Economist magazine announcing they had discovered a means of producing “free, clean, and constant energy”, and they asked for scientists to apply to be part of a jury that would look at their technology and publish a verdict on it.

In June 2009 the jury of 22 members published a statement concluding that Steorn had not shown a production of energy, and that the jury was ceasing its work.  Meanwhile, Steorn had taken other paths to try to demonstrate its claims. In July 2007 they scheduled a demonstration of an Orbo device at the Kinetica Museum in London; however, when the time came to show the device, it didn’t work. Steorn’s CEO Shaun McCarthy explained at the time, that for some unknown reason the bearings had broken, causing the device to fail. The public demonstration was cancelled.

During December 2009-January 2010 Steorn held public demonstrations and lectures about Orbo at the Waterways Visitor Center in Dublin.  After the Waterways event, there was very little further public outreach from Steorn, apart from occasional interviews, mainly in the Irish press.

In May 2015 an Orbo device described as a powercube, or “never-die-battery” was deployed for field testing in Slattery’s Pub in Dublin, and a staff member at Slattery’s reported some of his experiences on Facebook. He said that customers and staff were able to fully charge their mobile devices from the Orbo device without it running down.

Liquid Solutions, the only Irish producer of certified e juice for e cigarettes, announced 27 October 2015 it has licensed the revolutionary Orbo battery technology from Steorn to deliver an e cigarette that never needs charging. On 29 September 2015, Steorn announced that it would soon begin a series of live online webinars showcasing the Orbo technology.

The second O-Cube webinar will take place on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015 at 19:00 GMT. The webinar will include user testimonials, an overview of some products in development and details on how to purchase the O-cube.

Researchers at Aalto University in Finland are waiting to get their hands on steorn device and Shadow Camera documentary film crew is looking forward to get funding for our Steorn project to prove if Steorns claims are valid…

Said about Steorn

Michio Kaku 2007:

“Hypothetically, assuming that their claims are true — which I don’t think is possible — it would represent one of the greatest discoveries of humanity, going back to the discovery of fire,”

2015: Steorn CEO, Shaun McCarthy

“You put this in your product and you never have to recharge it. A ballsy statement, I know”. – Steorn CEO, Shaun McCarthy.

So don´t us now!

Our team

Shadow Camera: Timo Tahvanainen, Founder of Shadow Camera
Shadow Camera: Jukka Lantta, Science Editor
Esa Juhani Ruoho: Free energy specialist
Jyrki Kasvi: PhD in Engineering from the Helsinki University,  (
Mikko Möttönen: PhD at Helsinki University of Technology, Postdoc at UC, Berkeley (USA) and UNSW (Australia)
Tapio Ala-Nissilä: Professor Aalto University Department of Applied Physics  Multiscale Statistical Physics, Science Department of Applied Physics

Our research team member Mikko Möttönen succeeded in observing an isolated point-like monopole in a quantum field itself for the first time:


First part of the documentary:

(english versions are coming out soon..)


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8) What now?

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Minimum goal 1200 €

 Campaign has ended 1.8.2016

Thank you

Steorn’s “never-die-battery” research & documentary project

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Steorn Documentary DVD part I / part II / part III
10.00 €

Steorn Documentary DVD part I / part II / part III

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Test Orbo with us (meeting)
50.00 €

Meeting to show how Orbo device works.

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Join our research team
500.00 €

You can join our team while we are researching the Orbo device. We will shoot documentary at each meeting.

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Meet Steorn Team with us at Dublin 4/2016
1000.00 €

We are flying to Dublin 4/2016 to meet Steorn Team. Join us while we are filming the documentary.

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