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Started 05.02.2016

Ended 18.03.2016

There are times when headlines and internet posts are veiled with misery and death - just like the past few years. In times like these it is the utmost importance for documentarists and other artists to also tell stories about positive things like love and brotherhood with no prejudices towards age, race, sex or religion. These happen to be also the core values for Turbojugend - a fanclub of norwegian punk band Turbonegro. We want to tell the story of this group that has grown in 20 years to a worldwide phenomenon from a Finnish point of view. This is where we need your help - embark on a journey that will make you believe in music and communal power again!

Turbojugend chapters spread across the globe – all the way from Hawaii to Tokyo – and there are over 1700 chapters now. ‘We just want have a good time all the time’ is a documentary of the Finnish chapters and members. Still, this isn’t merely a story for Turbojugend members. It’s a story for everyone who are interested in alternative music and culture and about the fact how these things bring together people around the world. That is we’ll include also a short segment of Turbonegro’s and Turbojugend’s history – told by the band itself and the jugends concerned.

Turbojugend members will obviously be the main stars of this documentary, but it will also include interviews of well known Finnish musicians like Ville Valo from HIM and Tomi Joutsen from Amorphis. Because we also want to have a scandinavian point of view to this story and some of it takes place at least in Oslo, Stockholm and Hamburg, there will also be some interviews with foreign jugends and musicians. Turbojugend activities and events are a major part of the phenomenon and the documentary will be following mostly Finnish events – including various sport tournaments, boat cruises, chapter anniversaries, etc. Every year the main event globally for Turbojugends is hosted by Turbojugend St. Paul in Hamburg during the summer. It is called Weltturbojugendtage and it gathers members around the world together to party for this week long period. The essence of Turbojugend can be found in the title of this documentary. Turbojugend brings together different kind of people who share the love for music and urge to enjoy life.

Filming of the documentary started in November 2015 and will continue until the end of 2016. The production crew is as follows: Jukka Pihlajaniemi (director/producer/editor), Jyrki Rahkola (co-producer), Tiina Hasa & EP Mäkinen (videography) and Jussi Kraft (sound editor). Everyone in the crew are either Turbojugend members or musicians. Pihlajaniemi has directed a lot of music videos and commercials. Rahkola is also the AmbASSador of Turbojugend Finland. So besides the vision this crew also has the contacts needed to give the documentary the depth and perspective it deserves.

The nature of the documentary demands a lot of travelling around Finland, Scandinavia and Germany. This is where your help comes crucial! This crowdfunding is essential for us to cover the travel and possibly some of the post-production expenses also. Your support will define the size of the crew and destinations we can include on the documentary. This an opportunity to help us create something that will last for generations and something that can entertain and serve as a positive example to people around the world!

This approx. 50 minutes long documentary will be finished and hopefully released on Q2 of 2017. Follow the progress of the documentary on Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram: @DeathPunkFinland

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Director/producer/editor Jukka Pihlajaniemi is a musician and a Turbojugend member. He has directed and edited several music and commercial videos.



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