How do I reach my funders?

How do I reach my funders?

You hold the main responsibility for marketing your campaign will work for your campaign to succeed. We tell about your project in our social media networks, and potentially also in our blog, in press releases etc. We help you with planning your marketing, and give you ideas on, e.g.. which companies or media you should contact. We help you use your Facebook page. However, without your own hard work the campaign is not likely to succeed. Do it your own way, however. We are with you.

Here is some advice that you might want to follow.

Don't be shy

You and us, we are pioneers. With we are stepping into a new kind of world of marketing, where anyone can be a marketing pro. Everyone has their own style in this. But the bottom lines is, that if you are really up to something great, why not tell the world about it. You character, your unique voice is what makes it work in crowdfunding campaigning.

Start now

Let people know about your project even before the campaign starts. Talk face to face, send email, post in social media, your blog, website etc. This way you can create anticipation and commitment, and once your campaign starts, it gathers funding right from the start. Please also tell people about, and other campaigns you like in it. This way people around you and in your networks learn about crowdfunding already before you take the stage.


Use the icons on your campaign page to share your campaign via email and social media. Embed your project card on your website or blog.

Use social media

It is good to learn how to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media of your preference. In Finland, Facebook works really well.

Start your project it's own Facebook page and create a Facebook event for your campaign. Invite your Friends to like and join these, and ask them to share them along on their own newsfeeds, and to invite their Friends. Ensure that the Page is set as Public.

You can also share the link to your project in other Facebook groups and pages, when you think their members might be interested in your campaign. Always write some introductory words to accompany the links. And be careful not to spam; only post to places that might find your project relevant, and do not push it too hard.

Tweet about your project in Twitter. You can also use other tools such as Pinterest, Flickr, Linkedlin, You Tube or Vimeo.

  • Communicate a lot
  • Keep your audiences update about your campaign
  • Post an update from every 1-3 days in social media, and possibly also other media such as email
  • Always answer questions posed to you concerning your campaign. We can help you find the answers.

Don't forget traditional media

Each campaign is worth a press release. You can ask us for help.

Once your campaign is going on, you can offer to visit a radio or television program to talk about your project. The best approach is usually to send personal messages to individual journalists, but people have also managed to draw attention just by sending messages via general email addresses etc. If you are about to appear in media, we would like to know about it in advance - and, for example, post about it in our forums.

Use your creativity when marketing. Here are some additional ideas.

Flyers and business cards

Good old flyers always work. Make nice flyers in the print or just use your copy machine. Spread them all over where you think people who might be interested in your project might spend time. You can also make posters, post cards or business cards.


Send email to those who don't use Facebook and other social media. Remember to add the link to your project in the message. Don't forget your relatives and collegues. Think about companies and other organisations who might be interested in supporting you.


Hold events. Invite acquintances, collegues, and key persons who might be able to help you with your campaign. Arrange a breakfast, picnic in the park, go for drinks, or let people visit your rehearsals or studio. Consider taking part in fairs and other useful events.

Your close circle is the most important social resource

According to some studies abroad, 25% of crowdfunding campaign funding comes from friends, family and other closest social groups to the fund seeker. They support you because they know you and trust you. Make use of this most important resource that you have, and ask people to help you in your campaign in any way they can.  Also remember to engage people in your hobbies, work and other social circles.

Also companies and NGO's can fund

Companies can also fund your project. If you have ideas for suitable organizations, it is best to contact them personally via email or phone. You can offer these parties all kinds of innovative customized and extra rewards, such as visibility on your website. In, after a succesful campaign, a space called as the Thank you card comes available on your project page. Here you can display, for example, your most important sponsors. This visibility can also be one of the rewards.  Funding in a reward based project counts as a company expenses that include VAT, not donations.

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