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Support Finnish Culture Export! Northern Marginal Festival 21.-27.9.2015, Reykjavik

Started 07.08.2015

Ended 04.10.2015

Hey, you! Yeah, YOU! Come join the Northern Marginal Festival! And if you can't make it in real life you can just as easily be part of the culture festival and give your support form the comfort of your own couch.



15 €, Finntroll live CD

20 €, Black Crucifixion: Coronation Of King Darkness CD
30 €, Finntroll: Blodsvept LIMITED EDITION CD


20 €, Kovasikajuttu/Punk Syndrome DVD
20 €, Rumble DVD
25 €, Punk – tauti joka ei tapa/ Punksters and Youngsters DVD
25 €, Jusu Lounela & Jimi Tenor: The Wrestling Man 1-2, Urinator, Tri Abortenstein DVD


5 €, Postcard from Iceland or Finland with a local greeting
10 €, Postcard from Iceland or Finland with a greeting from a festival band of your choice


50 €, Festival pass


50 €, A signed and framed Kamala Luonto comic strip in Icelandic

25 €, T-shirt with the festival logo
30 €, T-shirt with a Kamala Luonto comic strip in Icelandic


15 €, Aleksis Kivi: Odes

The shipping of the rewards starts in September.

So what is this all about? Northern Marginal festival is a culture attack on multiple fronts and packed with the boldest sounds of Finland, the Finnish forest and some pretty unique films and music documentaries. The festival program consists of three independent sections: mømø [mːːøˑmø] , Syndrome and In the Icelandic Woods.

mømø [mːːøˑmø]

The music section, mømø, treats the Icelandic crowd to a diverse lineup of the reigning Finnish music genre’s together with local amazing talents in downtown Reykjavík where the bands will take the stage at clubs, in a church and by the pool. The lineup includes folk metal band Finntroll, black metal band Black Crucifixion, classically trained organist Pétur Sakari, multi talented musicians and DJ’s Jimi Tenor and Jori Hulkkonen and the punk explosion Räjäyttäjät! Miss this and you’ll be crying about it later!

Syndrome – Moving pictures with a different perspective

The films of Syndrome presents the marginal phenomenons of the Finnish music scene through an assorted selection of narratives from documentary to surrealistic vision.
The film program includes the works of such independent directors as Jimi Tenor & Jusu Lounela, CHRZU, Pete Eurooppa, Sami Kettunen and Jani Volanen. Especially chosen for the festival are also the acclaimed films Kovasikajuttu/Punk Syndrome (Kärkkäinen & Passi 2008) and Punk – tauti joka ei tapa/Punksters and Youngsters (Aaltonen 2008).

In the Icelandic Woods brings the forest to a land with no trees!

In the Icelandic Woods exhibition invites you to experience in multiple ways and on a multi sensory level what the forest an the well being of, from and by the forest means for the Finnish people.

The exhibition presents the forest in shapes of design, music, art, travel, leisure, well being, technical heritage and also seen through the eyes of those inspired by the forest: Jean Sibelius, Pekka Halonen and Akseli Gallen-Kallela among others.

For more information:

Be a part of a culture festival destined for Iceland and breaking ground in the heart of Reykjavík. Northern Marginal Festival is a culture explosion made by the people for the people! And if you can’t make it in real life you can dance the mömö, experience the Syndrome or get lost in the Icelandic Woods right in the comfort of your own home by purchasing you own piece of Northern Marginal from our online gift shop. By supporting Northern Marginal Festival with even the smallest contribution, you help organize the festival, enable the artists to get to and from Iceland to play awesome tunes for you. Most importantly, with your support Finnish culture export can go further, reaching more people and continue spreading. And who knows, maybe next year Northern Marginal Festival will be organized in your town!

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Minimum goal 1000 €

 Campaign has ended 04.10.2015

Thank you

Support Finnish Culture Export! Northern Marginal Festival 21.-27.9.2015, Reykjavik




Aleksis Kivi: Odes (kirja/book)
12.00 €

Aleksis Kiven runoja ensi kertaa kokoelmallinen englanniksi. Kalevalan, Kantelettaren ja The Great Bear -kirjan kiitetty englannintaja Keith Bosley on valinnut ja kääntänyt Kiven runoja ja tehnyt niistä elävää englantilaista runoutta. Hän on kirjoittanut teokseen myös esipuheen. ///////// The first edition of collected poems by Aleksis Kivi in published in English. Renowned for his translations to English of such works as Kalevala, Kanteletar and The Great Bear, Keith Bosley has selected poems by Aleksis Kivi and succeeded in translating them into vivid English poetry. Bosley has also written the foreword of the book.

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Jukka Kärkkäinen, J-P Passi: Kovasikajuttu / Punk Syndrome (DVD)
16.00 €

Kovasikajuttu on Jukka Kärkkäisen ja J.-P. Passin ohjaama elokuva ”Suomen kovimmasta punk-yhtyeestä”, Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivistä. Elokuva sai ensi-iltansa 4. toukokuuta 2012. /////////// Kovasikajuttu/Punk Syndrome is a film directed by Jukka Kärkkäisen and J.-P. Passi about the “toughest punk band in Finland”: Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät/Pertti Kurikas Name's Day. The film premiered on May 4th 2012.

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Festivaali T-paita / Festival T-shirt
20.00 €

Laadukas T-paita festarilogolla (musta). //////////// A high quality T-shirt with the festival logo (black).

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Jusu Lounela & Jimi Tenor: Kootut leffat/FIlm Collection (DVD)
20.00 €

Ensimmäistä kertaa myynnissä. Jusu Lounelan ja Jimi Tenorin klassikkoelokuvat 90-luvulta: Painimies 1-2, Urinator, Tri Abortenstein. AINUTLAATUISTA! ///////// First time on sale. Jusu Lounela's and Jimi Tenor's classic scifi / horror movies from '90: The Wrestling Man 1 - 2, Urinator, Dr. Abortenstein.

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Festivaali T-paita / Festival T-shirt #2
24.00 €

Laadukas T-paita logolla ja islanninkielisellä Kamala luonto-stripillä (valkoinen)! ////////////// A high quality T-shirt with a printed Kamala Luonto comic strip in Icelandic (white).

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Kamala luonto-strippi / Kamala Luonto comic strip
40.00 €

Kamalaa luontoa islanniksi. Printit signeerattuja yksittäiskappaleita. /////////// A framed Kamala Luonto comic strip in Icelandic. The prints are signed and one of a kind.

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